November 23, 2012 – Don’t Quarry, Be Happy

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This week, we start the show with Miriam Streiman; chef, small business owner, farmer and Soupstock organizer to talk about the breaking news that the Melancthon Township Mega-Quarry will not be proceeding. Kevin Farmer Co-hosts as we discuss the upcoming Doha COP18 meeting before we are joined by Jessica Clogg – Executive Director and Senior Council for West Coast Environmental Law to talk about the next big bill you need to know about and haven’t heard about – bill C-45. We wrap up the program with Gillian McEachern – Deputy Campaign Director for Environmental Defense to discuss a report produced in partnership with Blue Green Canada about the effects on job creation and growth of investment of oil and gas vs. alternative energy.

Today’s music provided by the DJ Amber Waves: amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight

Here’s the songs for this week:

All These Colours –  (note: CIUT may have their Young Love EP already, but I’ve upped the file in case)

Arguably one of the Toronto indie bands garnering the most hype these days is, and with good reason.  Elegant compositions on par with Arcade Fire and Dallas Green’s emotive lyrical sense come together in one fine package, as evidenced by their Young Love EP.  I’m not one to buy into what’s trendy simply because it is trendy, but deliver, particularly at live shows.  No wonder they snagged third place at last month’s Indie Week.

Extra cool points: are part of the Rockin’ Stache line-up supporting Movember at The Great Hall on November 29th, and are closing ROM’s Friday Night Live series on the 30th.

Out On The Road Tonight – The Claytones

Ottawa’s The Claytones are a talented group with a collective total of eight full-length albums of material released under other names.  Their release Lake In The Night is gathering steam for its catchy, evocative old school country with indie-rock sensibilities – think Lady Antebellum’s crossover appeal, with a Canadian flavour.  Their benevolence is as boundless as their fun, with the band taking part in the CP Rail tour to raise awareness and support for food banks this holiday season.

Surrounded By Faces – Future History

Markham’s Future History are easily one of my favourite finds of the year.  Their 2012 release Loss:/Self is that rare example of a concept album that works without beating you over the head with its message.  Delving into moments of electronic exploration evoking Radiohead opus OK Computer, the album is incredibly personal yet universally relatable: losing (and finding) oneself.  Calling their sound “psychedelic love noise”, Future History aim to live up to their name and create songs that endure.  Coincidentally, they were on the same line-up as recently, and I’m still kicking myself for missing it.

See you next week!


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