November 30, 2012 – Nuclear Powered Junk Raiders Take Texas!


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This week, we start the show with Dr. Cathy Vakil about her article in a recent article for NOW magazine regarding the ongoing political and social ignorance of nuclear safety with regards to public health. Following this we talk to Junk Raiders host Gordie Wornoff about his experience being a TV show personality and the basis for his environmentalism. Co-host Kevin Farmer discusses COP18 with a quick update on the talks in Doha, Qatar. Finally Ron Seifert joins us from Texas on behalf of Keystone XL Blockade to talk about the effects the Keystone pipeline project is having in the southern US

A weeks worth of COP18 article highlights used as reference for today’s discussion (from most recent to oldest):

Greenlandic, Antarctic ice sheets contributing more to sea level rise: study

Clean Energy Aid Hit $8 Billion for Developing Nations

Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger: UN

Greenhouse gases in atmosphere up 20 per cent, UN says


Doha climate talks represent ‘golden opportunity’

Climate financing to run out unless UN talks find solution

Doubts on $30 Billion Climate Aid Threaten UN Talks

UK to sign up to new climate change treaty in Doha rejected by US and China

Global solidarity a must in upcoming climate change talks, says UN rights expert

Today’s music provided by DJ Amber Waves amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight

Here’s the songs for this week (in order of appearance):

—Says The Spark – Amos The Transparent

Ottawa has been a treasure trove of music for me lately, with Amos The Transparent being one of my favorite finds.  Their latest album Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart is insightful and personal, a loose collection of the band’s experiences with life and fame.  It’s also a top five pick for 2012 of OTM’s.  Says The Spark is catchy, yet surprisingly melancholy beneath the surface.

Amos The Transparent hit Sneaky Dee’s as part of Audio Blood’s 4th Anniversary on December 7th, and are a must-see live.

Download the entire album for free:

—We’ve Been Here Before – Old English

Matt Henderson set out to create a solo record after years of playing bands, and accidentally created a new band:  Old English.  Describing the band, with its revolving group of musicians, as a “dream-rock country club”, their lead single “We’ve Been Here Before” combines the insight of the indie folk scene with a mature take on the electronic best of the 80s.

Old English play The Garrison as part of a showcase by Crosswires and Grayowl Point, and given the fluid nature of the band, it may very well be a once in a lifetome performance.

Free download:

—Truth & Sky – Acres and Acres

Currently featured as a free download over at, Nova Scotia’s Acres and Acres thrive in the low-key, introspective folk of the Bon Iver vein.  Truth & Sky is a sprawling storyteller’s delight, and features ethereal harmonies nestled alongside haunting strings that swell unexpectedly.

Free download:

See you next week!


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