December 07, 2012 – Ecoholics Anonymous

Adria Vasil - photo by: Dustin Rabin
Adria Vasil – photo by: Dustin Rabin

Adria Vasil joins the program to talk about her new book “Ecoholic Body” which is a comprehensive reference book about what’s in the products you ingest and put on your skin. Lia and Micheal join Daryn for a discussion on current events in Doha, Qatar for COP18 and how this relates to individuals talking about climate change and carbon issues. We wrap up the program with Dr. Mary Breunig from Brock University to talk about her research on environmental education with children and the concept of “nature deficit disorder“.

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COP18 article highlights used as reference for today’s discussion:

Rich Nations to Blame for Climate Change, says UN chief

Geo-engineering wins scant enthusiasm at UN climate talks

Canada ranked as worst performer in the developed world on climate change

Today’s music provided by DJ Amber Waves amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight

Here’s the songs for this week (in order of appearance):

Lay Me Down – Benhur

Recently nominated for the TIMAs for Best Indie Rock band, and with good reason!  Melodic rock landscapes meet polished songwriting that hooks and engages listeners with its undercurrents of reggae, samba and pop.  Hailing from Toronto, Benhur are putting the finishing touches on their next release, which is sure to be stellar, if this track is any indication.

Official site:

This Old River – Beyond The Mountain

It’s been a busy year for Beyond The Mountain, a local duo bringing their lauded talents to life in what they call “alternative country” and snagging multiple TIMAs along the way.  Canadian Idol alumni Theo Tams and Carly Jean Campbell remind me of what would happen if Kelly Clarkson and Howie Day ran off and started a band, and the result is gorgeous.  No wonder they were finalists at this year’s Indie Week (I ranked them in my top 3 of the fest on the blog).

Official site:

Garden Gnomes – The Lucy Grays

Hailing from Halifax, this six-piece astutely describes their sound as Arcade Fire meets Modest Mouse.  Their songs are surreal, sometimes unnerving, but in a good way:  tracks on their latest EP When Pluto Was A Planet include “Zombies”, “Monster A” and this track.  Harmony heavy indie rock with a healthy East Coast flavour.  One of my favourite surprises of Indie Week.
Official site:

See you next week!


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