December 14, 2012 – Letters From The Front Line

Jonathan Trent @ TED TALKS
Jonathan Trent @ TED TALKS

Alana Westwood, one of this years Canadian Youth Climate Delegation to COP18 joins us fresh back to Canada to talk about her experience in Doha, Qatar. Andrea Reekes from Patagonia Toronto also joins the program to talk about some of the environmental considerations companies can take once the “low hanging fruit” like paper and energy reductions have been enacted. Finally Jonathan Trent, courtesy of TED TALKS with his talk about “Energy from floating Algae pods” as an alternative to drilling for more oil with a project created at NASA.

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Articles discussed this week:

Hume: Police response to pedestrian hits: clothing advice

Doha gateway becomes a reality

Some energy experts say drilling can be done responsibly; some companies better than others

Environment Secretary says GM food a ‘good thing’

Today’s music provided by DJ Amber Waves amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight:

Mad World – Tara Maclean

Tara Maclean slowly slipped out of the limelight in the mid-2000s, which is a shame, since the PEI native packs serious pipes.  Her album Passenger remains on my 20 Desert Island albums list over a decade after its release, a testament to her pipes and songwriting pen.  My pick this week, however, is a haunting cover of the classic Tears For Fears tune (the better known version is the Gary Jules cover in Donnie Darko).  What can I say:  I wanted Tara to sing “Happy birthday” to me.

Youth Without Youth – Metric

Maybe Metric doesn’t need the promotional help anymore; after all, they’ve gone from an indie secret passed from friend to friend to a band that can pack the ACC.  All the same, I think it’s worth celebrating an indie success story and what better song that a tune filled with youthful mischief?  Synthetica placed 4th on OTM’s Top 12 of 2012 for good reason:  it’s the best Metric yet.

Who Am I? – Lily Frost

I have a tendency to blast this song every birthday and it never grows old.  The delicate voice and subtle insights of British Columbia’s Lily Frost feel timeless.  Breezy freedom in this track makes it a great commute tune or just one to drift away to.  Her latest album, Do What You Love released this past October.  Even cooler (from my perspective), she’s playing December 14th at the Silver Dollar here in Toronto.  That’s birthday magic for you.

Need more great music?  OTM’s Top 12 Albums Of 2012 is now available on the blog, complete with samples to spin.

See you next week!


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