December 21, 2012 – Environmental Radicals And Other Childrens’ Stories

Ethical Oil?
Ethical Oil: Fact or Fiction?

John Bennett, Executive Director for Sierra Club Canada joins the program to talk to us about ongoing harassment from oil industry group “Ethical Oil“. Lia Mazolinni joins Daryn to talk about #IdleNoMore protests exploding all over North America, and Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation’s now (as of today) 11 day hunger strike demanding to talk to Prime Minister Harper about bill C-45 and other eliminations of protections for Canadians homes. Courtesy of TED TALKS, Stacy Mitchell gives a talk about how fewer and fewer massive companies control larger and larger portions of the economy and the effects on the environment and communities. Finally, Ted Cheskey with Nature Canada explains why they are opposing the construction of wind turbines on a specific plot in Ontario.

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Today’s music provided by DJ Amber Waves amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight:

This week’s music:

You Were My Summer Sun – The Foreign Films

“You Were My Summer Sun” is a lyrical stunner with a definitive psychedelic vibe and a sound that feels blasphemous in a format aside from vinyl.  It’s a sprawl on the floor beside a turntable ode to the past without losing the freshness of today’s synth-loaded electropop offerings.    Shades of Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon) slip in between the cracks in terms of that sense of wide-open space; if a song could be a time or place, this track would be a California roadtrip in September.

Go Ego – Eight And A Half

Eight And A Half is a band that embodies the symbolic Phoenix. From the ashes of The Stills and Broken Social Scene’s forever fluid nature comes the stellar trio of Dave Hamelin, Liam O’Neil and Justin Peroff, and with them, a stellar debut. Synth heavy without veering into pop territory, heavy yet not weighty, the compositions on their self-titled debut showcase the best elements of BSS with the roots-laced mature songwriting The Stills became known for at the end of their output. There’s a breathy undercurrent here but more importantly, the album feels timeless — not remotely tethered to one particular time, place or genre. “Go Ego” is a definite highlight on this, OTM’s #10 pick for the Top 12 Albums of 2012.

Younger Us – Japandroids

Japandroids have had an amazing year for an indie band:  their album Celebration Rock charted on several notable Best Of 2012 lists, beating out artists like Bruce Springsteen and Fiona Apple in some cases.  Singer/guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse took the lessons learned from Post-Nothing and shook them up in the studio with all of the vigor of a crowd going wild in a pit.  OTM ranks this full-throttle album among the best 12 albums of the year and this track is one prime reason why.  A perfect tune to drink spiked punch to at the family holiday dinner.

See you all next week!


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