December 28, 2012 – Happy New Year!

-_12_-_ITALY_-_fuochi_d'artificio_a_Padova_(_fireworks_Padua_)_Prà_della_Valle_4 (2)
Photo by: Andrea Pavanello

Our holiday show! We borrow a selection of interesting features including Warren Karlenzig, Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute who talks to us about “Cities as Global Intelligence Platforms” (courtesy of TED TALKS). Jim Harris, care of Moses Znaimer’s Idea City talks to us about putting solar energy and other alternatives into perspective with relation to fossil fuels. Via CKUW‘s “Mud and Water“, Karen Mackintosh interviews Anne Lindsey about cosmetic pesticides from a Manatobian perspective. Finally Norman Greenberg explains why his community in Halifax is competing for funding for a community Co-op grocery store.

Want to download the episode to listen later? You can download it here (you’ll have to click download, then right click on the play button that pops up on the new page and select “save video as”) or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Today’s music provided by DJ Amber Waves amazing music blog Open Til’ Midnight:

This week’s tunes are a collection of throwbacks and echoes of other artists, as we reflect on 2012 and look forward to 2013!

Reaction – Acres of Lions
Hailing from Victoria, B.C., Acres of Lions brings back the pop-punk-rock sounds of the 90s (Jimmy Eat World; Gob; latter Treble Charger albums) and puts their own spin on it.  The result”  music you can’t help but dance to with catchy refrains and playful riffs.  This track from their 2011 albumCollections is an OTM fave and a great addition to your New Year’s Eve playlist.

Official site:

Epidemic – Animal Confession
Ottawa band Animal Confession aims to make music that evokes an emotional reaction, reminiscent of the great bands of the 90s on the alt-rock/grunge scene.  Stabbing Westward meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Tool with powerful vocals from Andrew Gharib.  Here’s hoping this heralds a resurgence of moody, meaningful rock at the forefront of the Canadian scene.  Bonus:  the video contains zombies.

Official site:

Skyfall (Adele cover) – ERA 9
I recently got to check this Montreal band out at the Grey Cup concert series and was impressed by their tight playing and genuine enjoyment of the stage.  Their original material is solid, but this cover of Adele’s Bond theme for Skyfall is great fun and more “rocking action sequence” than “sultry seduction”.  If, like me, you wonder why the Bond movies don’t choose songs more like Muse’s “Supremacy”, this cover breathes a better vibe into the track.  Bonus:  it’s a free download at the site.

Official site:

Happy New Year!


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