January 04, 2013 – We Laughed, We Cried; 2012 in Review

Photo by: sookie
Photo by: sookie

2012 has come and gone… and so much has happened! We start the program with an interview about “Stop the Great Lakes Mega Quarry” and spend the rest of the show with Lia and Kevin sifting through the ashes of 2012. COP18, radical environmentalism, Keystone XL, Occupy, Soupstock and much much more!




Want to download the episode to listen later? You can download it here (you’ll have to click download, then right click on the play button that pops up on the new page and select “save video as”) or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Headline Roll This Week:

Top 20 wackiest environment stories of 2012

Environment Canada surveys Canadians on what they think about carbon tax and oil exports

Owner of Deepwater Horizon rig to pay $1.4 billion settlement for the massive 2010 BP disaster

German Minister says ‘never again’ to nuclear power

Tensions flare as Peru’s indigenous people are making gas exploration a court case

Bad weather is prompting more British farmers to favour GMO use

Protestors remove Idle No More rail blockade in Sarnia, Ontario on judge’s orders

A mining pollution suit is underway in Pennsylvania

China to release pollution data in 74 cities

This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

300 Pages – The Balconies

Ottawa ex-pats The Balconies have been quickly rising in the Toronto indie scene and beyond.  Their classical training spills into their rocking, dance-worthy conpositions, lending a rise and fall, symphonic element. The complexity of their work makes it stand out from the pack.  If you’ve ever heard Evanescence and thought, “the key elements are here somewhere, but a grander, more enthralling sound is possible” The Balconies might just be what you’re looking for.

Parallel States – Hands & Teeth

Toronto’s Hands & Teeth have built their pop-rock vibe around a key element that some bands never fully master:  gorgeous vocal harmonies as essential to the tune as a good drummer keeping the beat steady and sure.  The cohesion likely stems from the collaborative approach the band takes to every element, from writing to production.  At times veering a little more folk, at others towards a Beck alt-rock vibe, their third album, due this year, should be a treat.

Reaction Formation – Papermaps

Toronto’s Papermaps defy explanation.  There are breezy elements of The Beatles circa “Strawberry Fields Forever” within the shoegaze layers, but there’s also a more indie rock sensibility in the songwriting that makes it clear this ain’t American Bandstand.  There’s a sense of creative exploration within their music demanding repeated listening – a sonic Rubik’s Cube worth spinning.

That’s all for this week, see ya soon!


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