January 11, 2013 – The Buzz About Pipelines

Courtesy of US Department of Agriculture
Courtesy of US Department of Agriculture

ZAPPED: The Buzz About Mosquitoes director Alan Burke starts the program talking about his documentary on the pesky summertime menace to talk about his discovery of both the harsh dangers and the lighter side of mosquitoes. Raphael Lopoukhine from The Canadian Environment then joins us to talk about his OP-ED in The Huffington Post which he shares with us his argument that pipelines link Keystone XL might be the wrong type of fight for environmentalists. Kevin Farmer co-hosts throughout with news items including snow in Middle East, and Obama’s climate summit (linked below).

Want to download the episode to listen later? You can download it here (you’ll have to click download, then right click on the play button that pops up on the new page and select “save video as”) or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Headline Roll This Week:

Attawapiskat Chief won’t attend PM meeting in GG’s absence

Assessing the evidence on lead poisoning and violence

Barack Obama ‘seriously considering’ hosting climate summit


Paul Watson quits Sea Shepherd over U.S. court order

Killer Whales May Have Been Trapped by Climate Change

This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Set Fire To Your Friends – The Box Tiger

With its Heathers-esque video of murder and croquet, The Box Tiger’s new single is rocking hard.  With the wry sass of Kate Nash and PJ Harvey circa “Me-Jane”, Sonia Sturino reaches through the speakers and seizes the listener by the throat, demanding attention.  A dash of pop and indie ethereal overtones make The Box Tiger a band to watch in 2013.  Their forthcoming release should be stellar.  Check out the video on YouTube – a must see.


The Colour Of Sound – Morning Fame

Toronto band Morning Fame brings their own flavour to the contemplative alt-rock that made the mid-late 90s wonderful – think R.E.M., The Gin Blossoms, and Better Than Ezra.  There’s a cohesive passion that elevates their songwriting from the generic to the ear-catching hooks in tracks like The Colour Of Sound.  They’re out to make something more than background music and I think they’re succeeding.  Slated to release an album in 2013, I’m eager for it, if this track’s indicative of what’s in store.


Hannah – Dream Jefferson

Toronto’s Dream Jefferson began as a party rap duo, and while they definitely excelled in that niche, I’m more fond of their evolved sound.  New wave and electro influences round out the core rhymes and the result is a rolling hill and valley sort of sound.  As their press kit puts it so perfectly, “This is a band that has not only found their stride, it has developed their strut.”


Happy listening!


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