February 08, 2013 – 350 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

Vive la Rosière via Wikimedia
Vive la Rosière via Wikimedia

350 Toronto is the local chapter for Bill McKibben’s 350.org. We open the show talking to Milan Ilnyckyj about two of their campaigns; Divestment from Shell at the University of Toronto and stopping the line 9 reversal. In between this weeks news items with Kevin Farmer and Lia Mazzolini, we also talk to Will Simpson with Green Circle Salons about cleaning up the hair industry including using hair clippings to soak up oil spills.

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Headlines This Week:

Thousands more birds expected to be washed up in ‘enormous eco crime’

Stephen Harper says economic warning from green watchdog is “useful” advice

Outgoing EPA chief convinced Obama serious on climate change

Windfarms break energy record in Spain

Ottawa appeals WTO ruling on Ontario’s green-energy plan

Ottawa failing to protect Canadians from pollution, report says,

‘Mining’ groundwater could fuel climate change, study finds

Environmental watchdog worried about rise of fracking

Greenhouse gas emissions from US power plants down 4.6 pct

EU regulators approve UK’s 600 million pound “Green Deal” funding

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

This week marks the beginning of Canadian Music Week picks, showcasing some of the fantastic bands you can see March 19-24th in Toronto.  Details at:  http://canadianmusicfest.com/artists/?alpha_ID=all

The Remedy – Noel Johnson

A preview from Johnson’s forthcoming April release, The Remedy is indie folk songcraft at its finest.  Think Tom Petty or Springsteen circa The River.  This track absolutely blew me away with its soul-reaching lyrics and a slow swell instrumentation that pulls you in and ultimately underwater, drowning in sound.


Cold In Here – Sidney York

How best to explain Sidney York to the unfamiliar masses?  Imagine a group of rebels in the high school band, fed up with playing rote orchestrations of classical music staples or the theme from St. Elsewhere (the bane of my band experience).  Let’s say this talented, wild bunch plucks up a dozen or so instruments from the music room and runs away to form a band and promptly shakes up the limits of basic pop, twisting in elements of cabaret and classic 60s girl groups.  It’s a rather unusual way to describe a sound, but Sidney York is extraordinary and thus defies conventional labels.  The classical training and chops of the band informs a clever and fresh song structure with a particular savvy for vocal harmonies.  Better still, where else can you witness the oboe and bassoon roaming the wild like this?


Good News – Beekeeper

As if Brandi Sidoryk wasn’t busy enough with Sidney York, she’s also part of the trio Beekeeper.  Beekeeper packs quirky humour, rocking guitars and playful electronic elements into a package that reminds me of the heyday of Rilo Kiley, a void in the music scene that Jenny Lewis’ solo ventures seems to quite fill.  Good News is hot off the presses of their latest EP, Shout At People.


And now, exciting news:  OTM, in partnership with 2020k, will be hosting a massive Canadian Music Week giveaway, featuring some of our favourite artists.  With multiple prize packs and Twitter giveaways coming, best follow on Twitter now and stay tuned for our profiles and interviews with the best of the fest!  Lucky listeners of The Green Majority, get ready for a blitz of Canada’s finest and perhaps a special giveaway just for you.


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