February 15, 2013 – Water Where Art Thou?

Water in the Desert
Bahawalpuri via wikimedia

Fahad Bin Mohammed Al-Attiya is the Chairman of Qatar’s National Food Security Programme. This week, we hear his TED Talk about Qatar’s water problems among other environmental issues in one of the worlds richest oil nations.

“This is the situation in Qatar: … We only have two days of water reserve, we import 90 percent of our food, and we only cultivate less than one percent of our land.” -Fahad Al-Attiya

We also FINALLY play the fantastic and amazing Story of Stuff: The Story of Cosmetics, with Annie Leonard. Kevin Farmer and I also toss around some news items (below) and tease some of our great content from yesterday’s Canadian International Auto Show which will air in a few weeks, along with our first home-made Youtube content! Subscribe to our feed now so you don’t miss it.

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Headlines This Week:


Ontario’s Samsung green energy deal ripens slowly

Energy minister lays out Alberta’s new oil strategy

Alberta prepared to take more action against climate change, minister says

Listed: A full range of green vehicle options at the auto show


Prominent U.S. environmentalists arrested over Keystone XL protest at White House

Gas company targets protected Manú park in Peruvian Amazon

Fish in medicine-tainted water suffer alarming reactions: study

Sea urchin could hold key to tackling climate change

World’s Combined Solar Power Capacity Reaches Record 101 Gigawatts

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Not a fan of Valentine’s Day?  Me neither (and no, it’s not because I’m single).  Continuing with tracks from OTM’s Canadian Music Week picks, showcasing some of the fantastic bands you can see March 19-24th in Toronto, let’s have a little anti-love, shall we?

Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don’t Answer Anymore) – The Danger Bees

Brimming with the self-deprecating punchiness of Ben Folds Five and groove-worthy hooks, The Danger Bees are the champions of the rejected, delivering anthems for the shot-down, dumped and lonely while never losing the ability to churn life’s lemons into catch musical lemonade.  The video for this song is twisted good fun, in that “murderous children at a birthday party” sort of way.


Waste My Heart – Arrows In The Air

If Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” is an earworm you enjoy and you like a little old school punk in your indie rock, this is the band for you to check out.  Charlottetown, P.E.I.’s Arrows In The Air bring head bobbing goodness in a sassy package, shaken (not stirred) with the grittier feel of Sam Roberts.  This song’s just a sing-along waiting to happen and a great anthem for loving the right person, not the one that’s simply around.


Good God Damn – The Standstills

A late entry in the 2012 best albums race, Oshawa-based band The Standstills entered the ring with a solid Southern-flavoured rock album called Pushing Electric that will perhaps evoke The White Stripes even more than their guitar-drums duo configuration. However, there’s something smoother in the polish here and more of an accessible vibe than much of Jack White’s earlier work. The drumming’s also tighter, too. The Standstills aren’t out to craft something smarter than you; they’re coming at you full-throttle, with a fuller sound than bands with twice the members. Deliciously down and dirty rock.


OTM, in partnership with 2020k, will be hosting a massive Canadian Music Week giveaway, featuring some of our favourite artists.  With multiple prize packs and Twitter giveaways coming, best follow on Twitter now and stay tuned for our profiles and interviews with the best of the fest!  Lucky listeners of The Green Majority, get ready for a blitz of Canada’s finest and perhaps a special giveaway just for you.

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