February 22, 2013 – Bridging Brooks With Petroleum Pipelines

Traroth via Wikimedia
Traroth via Wikimedia

Mark Brooks the author, host and creator of Earthgauge blog and podcast is an old friend of the show we haven’t talked to in a while. Mark joins the program to tell us about his visit to Washington, DC for the most recent massive Keystone XL pipeline protest on February 17, 2013. In the second half we hear from Lawyer Vicki Arroyo via TED Talks on her experience helping policymakers plan for massive global cooperation to combat climate change. Kevin Farmer as usual joins us throughout to discuss this weeks top news.

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Headlines This Week:

‘Alien’ wildlife in Europe wreaks €12bn damage a year, study shows [Daryn Recommends]

Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world

Stephen Harper Conservatives should heed Washington’s climate change message: Tim Harper

Keystone XL will have ‘no impact on climate change’, TransCanada boss says

In eastern Ontario, a battery five times the size of Niagara Falls

NDP willing to partner with Alberta energy industry but still opposed to Northern Gateway

Keystone waiting game good time to diversify energy sector: MPs

Green groups highlight pipeline risks to caribou

Fracking concerns at Green Point

Obama gives green energy funds a jump-start

Estonia launches national electric car charging network

BP to fight government’s ‘excessive’ demands over Deepwater oil spill

Which drought-hit US states suffered the worst crop damage?

Arctic needs protection from resource rush as ice melts, says UN

Aquatic predators affect carbon-storing plant life

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

It’s way too cold in Toronto for my liking.  Let’s warm up with music filled with love and sunshine!

When I Open My Eyes – Lambs Become Lions

“Maybe this band becomes our lives. Maybe we play every city we can get to. Maybe we make tons of hopefully great music videos. Maybe we move on to new adventures. Maybe we don’t. For now, it’s all about this music.”

Words every band should live by, be driven by.   This is how I found myself shaking proverbial hands with St. Catherines-based band Lambs Become Lions and their sophomore release, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.  What keeps me returning is the soaring promise of the silver-lined hooks and the confessional truths of their carefully crafted lyrics.  Then again, it shouldn’t be surprising, given the band’s pedigree:  featuring talent drawn from the likes of Alexisonfire and Journey to Aspen, Lambs Become Lions have seen the music industry’s disheartening side and have cast off its shackles to return to the art and its joy.  The opener of their EP,  “When I Open My Eyes” is folk-pop artistry evoking Edwin McCain, a love song of earnest truth and devotion.  Incredibly catchy and polished, yet not overly saccharine.


Jet Set – The Honeyrunners

Toronto band The Honeyrunners evoke what I feel would happen if Blind Melon and the Blues Brothers had a wild, raucous party and emerged parents of musically-inclined children with a love of Stevie Wonder circa “Superstitious”.  Bluesy grit, hook-heavy pop and a little twist of church-blessed harmonies come together in a hip-shaking tune that evokes a late summer beach party.  I’m warmer already!


Warmer Place – Crowns For Convoy

And now we’re at that beach party in my mind, let’s break out the acoustic guitar and gather around the bonfire and watch sparks fly between young lovers, courtesy of Crowns For Convoy.  Theirs is a tasty, folk-tinged rock, melodic and heavily layered in acoustic guitars.  Sprawling jams within tracks and a soulful funk undercurrent remind one of Dave Matthews Band. It’s a sound that evokes nostalgia, not in the sense of dated music, but in the familiarity of home.


You can check out all three of this week’s picks at Canadian Music Week, because yes, the fest is that awesome.  OTM, in partnership with 2020k, will be hosting a massive Canadian Music Week giveaway, featuring some of our favourite artists.  With multiple prize packs and Twitter giveaways coming, best follow on Twitter now and stay tuned for our profiles and interviews with the best of the fest!  Lucky listeners of The Green Majority, get ready for a blitz of Canada’s finest and perhaps a special giveaway just for you.

– Amber

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