March 01, 2013 – Citizen Lobbyists

Citizen Climate Lobby
Citizen Climate Lobby

Citizen Climate Lobby is a group of citizens just like you and me that put their energy into calmly and carefully participating in democracy by talking to politicians on climate issues. Liz Rice joins the program as a representative for CCL as well as talking about some of her own work. Later in the program, we talk to the nationally syndicated energy and environment journalist with Postmedia news Mike De Souza. Mike talks about some of his recent articles, and specifically the issue of accessing information that is sometimes made difficult to get by the federal government with regards to environmental issues because of restrictive access to information policies. As usual, we sneak in a few news items with the intrepid Kevin Farmer.

Mentioned in the Liz Rice interview, and promoted by CCL is the documentary Chasing Ice which is highly recommended. Trailer is at the bottom of the post!

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Headlines This Week:

Loss of wild pollinators serious threat to crop yields, study finds

Public concern for environment lowest in 20 years

Public anger likely pushing pollution onto China’s legislative congress agenda next week

IPCC urges Obama to raise awareness of science behind climate change

Canada minister doesn’t expect U.S. to veto Keystone pipeline

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

This week’s picks are all from a single album.  Why?  It’s that good!

Toronto band Goodnight, Sunrise have the sort of reverence for music itself that is rare, even among creators.  Blending elements of classic rock and progressive rock — think early Heart mated with ZZ Top — their debut album Create/Destroy/Createis a song cycle more than a mere album.  Moving in sonic waves and pulling on the themes within its moniker, the band has crafted a contemplative, soul-searching collection of songs that are still fun and fresh.  Music to move to now and discuss in depth over 2am nachos at Sneaky Dee’s or your late-night eatery of choice.

I’ve previously mentioned their smashing tune “Love Fortress #9” on the show (the very first one, in fact), so here are three more reasons to grab this album on March 8th.

Paper Napkins:  Grooving hooks drive this throwback to the funk-laced rock of the 70s.  Easily imagined as a song for an afternoon driving through the sprawl, trying to make sense of what the hell the world is coming too.  Deep yet not despairing; thoughtful yet all-out fun.

The Honeymoon Is Over:  Anthem for the breaking up crowd, best served with shots and a few good friends to punctuate with “Yeah!” and a fist in the air.  Sometimes, knowing when to leave a relationship is the hardest lesson to learn.  There’s a little SoCal rock flavour here, reminiscent of The Eagles.  I dig it.

The Machine:  Heartbreaking in its honesty and hitting close to home, “The Machine” is one of the album’s emotionally layered pieces.  Built with the progressive sensibility of the hat-tipped Pink Floyd circa Dark Side Of The Moon, it’s a testament to the isolation and oppression many can relate to, one way or another.  Lyrically stunning.

Goodnight, Sunrise is throwing a CD release bash in Toronto on March 8th at the El Mocambo and you really should come along for the ride.  Consider it a warm-up for Canadian Music Week, where you can also check out the band.

I’m also giving away a copy of Create/Destroy/Create this weekend!  Check out OTM’s interview with the band below and learn how to win!  Green Majority listeners who tag their entries with #TGM will be entered twice for half the effort!

If you don’t win this time, that’s alright; OTM, in partnership with 2020k, will be hosting a massive Canadian Music Week giveaway, featuring some of our favourite artists, including Goodnight, Sunrise.  With multiple prize packs and Twitter giveaways coming, best follow on Twitter now and stay tuned for our profiles and interviews with the best of the fest!

– Amber

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