TGM Radio – March 08, 2013 – Mad Scientists Unite!

Wikimedia Commons: User:J.J.
Mad Scientist!

Katie Gibbs is a mad scientist, but put away your pitchforks! She’s on our side. Katie coordinates the group Death of Evidence and its most recent incarnation Science Uncensored. We discuss the track record of the government and of its muzzled Canadian scientists. In the second half we talk to Alan Ackerman about a proposal he and so far 3500 other Toronto residents want to stop… paving and nylon turfing the back UofT campus field! (20 feet outside the building where we do our show). As always Kevin Farmer jumps in between features to discuss this weeks top news items.

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ALSO! I received a nice letter from a friend of the show. We love Gordie so lets help him out!

Gordie Wornoff – Host of Junk Raiders on Discovery Channel! (I said TVO for some reason on air, sorry Gordie!) Not that TVO isn’t great too!

“I entered my business, A Higher Plane in the LiveGreen Toronto awards and I need votes to win.

Anyways, here is the link to my video on the contest site: HERE

All people need to do is watch the video, click on the red button on the top right to vote, sign in w FB (super fast) and you’re all set. People can vote once a day.”
No problem buddy! We’ll do what we can.

Headlines This Week:

Keystone XL: US government report drew on analysis by oil consultants

Charges urged over alleged pollution in Athabasca River from oil sands companies

Environment spending sliced as Alberta’s green record under growing scrutiny

Environment Minister defends cuts to winter services at national parks

Ecover to turn sea plastic into bottles in pioneering recycling scheme

Bid to halt polar bear trade fails

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Amber Waves got the week off this week! So blame me for the music 😀

“Weapon” – Mathew Good

“All Hell For A Basement/Heaven in Alberta” – Big Sugar

“New Orleans Is Sinking” – The Tragically Hip

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