TGM Radio – March 22, 2013 – World Water Day!

Photo by: Malene Thyssen
Photo by: Malene Thyssen

Join us for a jump in the pool for World Water Day! Liz Rice joins the program again to talk about the theme of the day as well as the amazing documentary Chasing Ice.

In the second half, Jari Osborne joins us with probably the most patriotic feature TGM has even done. She is director and producer for the CBC Nature of Things documentary The Beaver Whisperers. Don’t miss the fun with our mini look at natures greatest engineers along with news headlines with Kevin Farmer throughout!

Want to download the episode to listen later? You can download it here (you’ll have to click download, then right click on the play button that pops up on the new page and select “save video as”) or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Also… Mentioned in the Liz Rice interview, and promoted by CCL is the documentary Chasing Ice which is highly recommended.

More World Water Day announcements:

Waterkeeper Alliance Photo Contest!

WaterDocs Film Festival (this weekend in Toronto, you could go tonight!)

UN World Water Day Official Site

Headlines This Week:

Energy discount gives Ottawa $4-billion pinch

Teck Coal facing serious water pollution in Elk Valley

Inner-city real estate prices ‘skyrocketing’ thanks to walkability

BC ends Northern Gateway pipeline cross-examination with many unanswered questions

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

It’s Canadian Music Week and I’m pulling 17-hour days, so let’s allow the music to speak for itself, shall we?  This week, I have a little something from a few different genres… treats from my festival wanderings.

Happy Alone – Lyon

Dreamy electronic pop reminiscent of early Metric.  Bonus:  it’s free to download on their soundcloud!

Faker – The C’mons

If you miss old No Doubt, Veruca Salt or just rocking women in general, here’s your fix!  Mmm…  Oh yes, also available for free download!

Who You Are – Incura

If you ever wondered what would happen if a metal band was addicted to operatic numbers and theatrics, wonder no more.  My ears are still ringing (in a good way)!

Canadian Music Week is in full swing and OTM, in partnership with 2020k, is hosting a massive Canadian Music Week giveaway.  Check out our full coverage of the festival including daily picks, interviews and oh yeah, the free goodies!

BONUS:  first person to email and say hello from Green Majority listener land scores a free EP!


– Amber

Chasing Ice Trailer:

Our door is always open! email us



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