TGM Radio – March 29, 2013 – Goodbye Pine

Mountain Pine Beetle Damage in BC - Credit Bchernicoff
Mountain Pine Beetle Damage in BC – Credit Bchernicoff

Filmmaker David York starts off the show with a harrowing tale of Canada’s forests after years of mountain pine beetle destruction. We discuss Davids doc The Beetles are Coming as well as talk about what exactly the problem is and if anything can be done to stop it from changing the face of Canada.

Kevin Famer joins us in studio throughout and we have a mid show rant this week about politics and our chosen news item.

To wrap up the show we speak to former Green Party leader and sustainable business professional Jim Harris about the opportunities for business and sustainability to move forward together.

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Headlines This Week:

Harper government targets U.S. reporters to promote Keystone XL pipeline

Canada quietly pulls out of UN anti-droughts convention

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Let’s keep it short and sweet this week, and get right down to the goodies.  A few choice hits from along my CMW pathway… in their own words, because all of them are rather clever.

What I Wouldn’t Do – Serena Ryder

“HARMONY is my journey…my past, my present, my future and all the ugly and beautiful things that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing so far in my short life here,” shares Serena. “I’ve chosen with this record to experiment more freely with the different musical parts of me that make up the whole.”  On this track. Serena does exactly that.

Authentic – The Dying Arts

“Founded in Toronto, Canada. They play music, of the rock kind, with the guitars, bass and drums. Typically loud and sometimes in tune. The Dying Arts are nice guys that show up on time to gigs.”

Still Down – Dangerband

“Dangerband takes you back to the glory days. The days when you’d pillage your mom’s liquor cabinet, drink too much at theshow, get into fights, and whine about how no one understands you.”


– Amber

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