Green Majority Radio – April 26, 2013 – Happy Earth Day Joe Oliver!

Happy Earth Day Joe Oliver
Happy Earth Day Joe Oliver

Kevin and I lose our collective cool (yes that’s a climate change joke) this week with the help of Corey Diamond about some ridiculous statements Canada’s Environment Minister Joe Oliver made. Corey is also in house to represent the Summerhill Shuttle Challenge which offers you free gas to save money on your car. After our political rampage Kevin and I speak to Muaz Nasir from Green Khutbah Campaign with a look at Islam and the environment for our Earth Day show! Action packed programming don’t miss it.

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Hello, Green Majority listeners!  I’m sure you were well taken care of in the music sphere during my absence.  OTM is back in action and ready to share some of the newest goodies in the collection.  From the ambient to the retro rock, this week brings a taste of everything.

Who Knows – The Rest

Hamilton’s The Rest have accumulated quite the collection of eclectic music videos online and their latest for Who Knows is no different.  A weary and pained man is experimented on, tested and earns several pitying and confused shakes of the head in an asylum setting.  Sonically, I hear a raw Win Butler plaintively calling out beneath the atmospheric wall constructed by M83 while an indie folk rock band jams.  It’s a very strange blend and on paper, it makes no sense.  But listen and you’ll see precisely what I mean here.

Beautiful – Platinum Blonde

Fellow 80s babies/new wave fans, hands up.  Yep, I see you out there, immediately recognizing Toronto’s pioneers of the sound.  After an extended absence and the loss of a beloved bandmate, Platinum Blonde has revived and delivered new music.  Track Beautiful conjures that familiar retro vibe tempered by the more mainstream electropop the 2000s have birthed.  Surprisingly groove-worthy.

Miyajima Water Fireworks – orbit over luna

Toronto-based artist orbit over luna delivers a starry night trickling into deceptively still waters on this self-composed and produced ambient track.  Part of a collection of EPs inspires by time spent in Japan, I’m enamoured with the tranquility of the work here.  I can hear nature and its beauty beneath the melodies and it evokes the spring sunshine that took a vacation for my wedding last week.  A little green “I missed you” to the podcast.

So many festivals fast approach in Toronto as summer peeks around the corner.  I look forward to finding new gems for your ears!


– Amber

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