Green Majority Radio – May 03, 2013 – A Tiny Bridge To Nowhere

Robyn Allan
Robyn Allan

Dennis Rogoza, Sustainability Advisor at Canola Council of Canada and CEO at the BC SCRAP-IT Program Society starts of the show. Dennis joins me to talk about some of his experience with environmental education, green business and his experience with the BC scrap-it car program.

This weeks Must Read is a fantastic article based off a presentation by Robyn Allan called Oil sands bitumen exports undermine Canada’s economic future. Kevin Farmer jumps on it with me with the usual humor, sarcasm and top-shelf analysis as always.

We wrap up the show with Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith, the dynamic duo behind the documentary (at hot-docs this weekend if your in the GTA) called Tiny: a story about living small.

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy May, Green Majority!  Here’s hoping your weather is as pleasant as Toronto’s is this weekend.  Good riddance, winter; hello summer.  Patios, good drinks ideally made with ice and tequila and smooth harmonies playing from some rocking speakers.
Miyajima Water Fireworks – orbit over luna

Toronto-based artist orbit over luna delivers a starry night trickling into deceptively still waters on this self-composed and produced ambient track.  Part of a collection of EPs inspires by time spent in Japan, I’m enamoured with the tranquility of the work here.  I can hear nature and its beauty beneath the melodies and it evokes the spring sunshine that took a vacation for my wedding last week.  A little green “I missed you” to the podcast.

This week, let’s spotlight Toronto’s own The Honeyrunners, a lovely indie rock outlet with twists of Motown running beneath the surface.  They’re officially releasing their EP Saturday May 4th at the legendary Silver Dollar, but you get to sample it today.

Spirits will certainly lift yours, evoking a 70s folk rock vibe (think San Francisco).  Feeling a little more like bluesy rock?  Gotcha covered with their track Out Of My Mind.  And, if you’re spending this Saturday night newly single, worry not:  I’ve got a dash of the melancholy for you with their new single, Fool.

Catch you on the flipside with more goodies as we ramp up for NXNE in June!  Snag your own copy of The Honeyrunners’ EP here:


– Amber

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