Green Majority Radio – May 24, 2013 – Public Servants and Other Popular Myths

TVPP-BOARDThere are a mountain of special announcements this week! See below the show description for a list of the most recent updates or here to stay up to date.

Kimberly Carroll the media representative for the Toronto Vege Pride Parade joins the show to talk about their event as well as discuss this weeks topic, less of a news item and more of a discussion between Kevin, Kimberly and I about the state of politics when we have a class of people who are wealth and powerful whose only job description is that they are electable. We talk about the impact on the way decisions are made and relate this to the problems with the corporate media as well with Kimberly’s help. At the end Kimberly talks about the popular subway campaign she started in Toronto that is now a national campaign called Why Love One? (and eat the other).

Stay up to date on the exciting special announcements here.

The most recent exciting updates on our Green Majority TV Project!

1. The filming of the Indiegogo commercial to raise money for video equipment will be June 1st between 4-5pm. Final details are being rolled out as they are confirmed but it should only take about 30 min and will be at Hart House in downtown Toronto.

2. We will have a new theme song custom designed for us as of next show! It will be produced by the amazing and talented Canadian world/folk superstar Alejandra Ribera.

3. The largest team that signs up to attend the commercial shoot (we want you as extra’s!) will win an amazing Steamwhistle prize pack (we like them because they are local, do awesome water conservation initiatives and have great beer)! It includes free beer and swag! Email us with your team and the largest one that shows up wins the entire pack!

4. We will have a new logo and branding by next week as well. Once we have this set up we will be starting to sell Green Majority Swag! We will be offering clothing with our awesome new logo on it made by REPAIR THE WORLD, clothing made out of recycled plastic bottles and cutting room floor scraps! (I already have a couple, they are also super comfortable and easy to wash).

5. Gordie Wornoff, host of Junk Raiders on Discovery TV has agreed to make us a one-of-a-kind recycled news desk for the show once we get our proper TV studio! We love you Gordie!

A quote from last week’s post:

“The last few min we talk about a great sounding smartphone app called Buycott. I haven’t tried it yet but the concept is amazing! I am downloading today, so we will mention it again next week, as well I’ll be trying to get someone to talk about it on next weeks show so stay tuned!”

I have the app and I love it, they have agreed to talk to us in a few weeks so stay tuned! For now, keep them busy and download the app 😀

Want to download the episode to listen later? You can download it here (you’ll have to click download, then right click on the play button that pops up on the new page and select “save video as”) or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Check our Facebook or Twitter for more!

This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Ever wonder what would happen if Kate Bush and Massive Attack adopted a baby and raised it together?  Imagine it:  both are experimental artists, working instrumentation like a canvas.  Both explore life and loss.  And then, they diverge:  Kate with her pipes and quirkier metaphor; Massive Attack preferring often to allow the trip-hop undercurrents to speak for themselves.

I suspect that Saskatchewan originating, now London based vocal/idm/indie rock group Wormwood might be the closest incarnation of this imaginary sonic progeny.  Featuring the atmospheric opera-kissed vocals of Christina Willatt, theirs is a strange merge of classic and futuristic.  With the introspective lyrics of classic Portishead accenting their craft, they’re one of the more unique and intriguing acts I’ve come across in some time.  Slip into the spell of “Sunfloating” and take a hit via “Jawbone”.

Happy Friday!

– Amber

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