Green Majority Radio – June 07, 2013 – Planting Seeds In The Ocean


It is World Ocean Day June 8th, and to celebrate Kevin and I count down some of our favorite ominous trends and shocking studies about the current state in the cradle of all life, the oceans. [see below]

Andrea Reekes and Cory Gould from Patagonia Toronto join us to talk about their store and their Monday events throughout June for Bike to Work Month. They also talk about the creation of the voluntary environmental tax, 1% for the Planet.

Our friends Tyler and Alex Mifflin, better known as TV’s The Water Brothers are doing a sneak preview of Season 2 of their show to celebrate.

You can see the sneak preview here. On June 8th, 2013 you can see the entire episode here!

A story about GMO’s turns into an interesting discussion and a promise for a follow-up. As well, Kevin and I do our first show with a video camera which makes for an interesting experience (this is just trial runs so no you don’t get to see… yet).

Stories we covered this week:

World’s Largest Dead Zone Suffocating Sea

Study: Marine Species Collapse by 2048

Noisy Ocean

Gulf Oil Spill Surprises: 6 Things Experts Got Wrong

Healthy Oceans [David Suzuki]

Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon

Our New Logo (plastered everywhere now) was composed by Ian Cant

Our New Theme was recorded by wonderfully talented Alejandra Ribera

Big awesome shout outs to both of them! And please check out their websites, there’s no-one in the world we love more than them right now and they deserve a clicks worth of your time. 😀

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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

This week’s picks are brought to you by fangirl joy and a love of nostalgia.  You have been warned, dear listeners.
Pembroke, Ontario may be a place many haven’t heard of, but indie rock lovers likely hear a bell ringing.  The launchpad of Blinker The Star, Pembroke gifted the Canadian indie scene with tracks like “Below The Sliding Doors” and had their alt-rock goodness slid into the mainstream before alt was dying in favour of dance and urban fare, Blinker The Star would have likely worn the crown alongside Pearl Jam and their ilk.  Everything old is new again, and their new single “Future Fires” is name your price on Bandcamp.  Coincidentally, I unleashed my inner teen recently and bought shiny new Doc Martens.  It’s like I knew…
Coquitlam, BC is another place that might not ring a bell for you unless you know what Canadian son hails from there.  Matthew Good may not be indie per se, but he’s certainly abandoned all pretense of catering to the big labels and their formulaic singles.  Arrows of Desire drops in September but you can check out the first single, “Had It Coming” right now. Straight up rock reminiscent of his 2004 anti-Bush flavoured album White Light Rock And Roll Review.  
Bonus: references to priests walking into a bar…

Happy Friday!

– Amber

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