Exciting Times

Whew… I’ve had an insane week. In-case I hadn’t joked enough about it on the show yet, both Kevin and I have other jobs we actually get paid for. I’d really like to start doing something fun with this section of the site, I have lots of little thoughts throughout the week that I try to write down but its been tough with my schedule. Mostly I’m just trying to keep to the schedule of doing things and hope they improve over time, hey it’s how I got started on the show in the first place after all!

Most of what I’ve been thinking about recently has been the weather, its been really crazy here in Toronto and I can’t help but think about climate change. When I’m lucky enough to be outside that is!

The rest of the time we’ve been planning and getting organized to get our video show together. Alex over at Poor Man’s Media has been working hard with me to get both the commercial for our Indiegogo campaign finished and our first video episode which is being patched together from video of us live in studio and some field video interviews we got from attending a few events recently with the camera.

That’s all I got for now, but rest assured I have lots of notes now for next week when I have more time.

For now… your moment of zen.

Non-Violent Keystone XL Protestors Labeled ‘Terrorists’ – The Young Turks

Stay Classy


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