Green Majority Radio – June 21, 2013 – Until All Are Free (Part 2)

This week we hear part 2 of our friend from down under, Miranda Gibson’s radio documentary Until All Are Free. Listen to the full radio documentary uninterrupted below! I won’t have time to upload all the links to news stories again this week so please email us in you have any questions about something we talked about!

Flooding in Alberta - Credit to:
Flooding in Alberta – Credit to:

Also our hearts go out to folks in Alberta… Hang in there our thoughts are with you. (photo credit to

This radio documentary covers the cases of environmental political prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, who are both serving sentences of around 20 years imprisonment in the US. The documentary looks at why these two are considered to be “political prisoners” and the movement of prisoner solidarity around the world. We explore the significance of these cases from a global perspective and talk about June 11th, the international day of solidarity with Eric and Marie.


Miranda Gibson is best known for recently spending 14 months at the top of a tree to defend Tasmania’s old-growth forests from logging in Tasmania, Australia. Miranda is an advocate for environmental and social justice, and previous host of a radio program on 4zzz community radio, as part of the Radical Radio Collective.


Jeff Luers, former earth liberation political prisoner, talks from a personal perspective about prisoner solidarity. He shares his story of why he went to prison, how people can show solidarity for prisoners and why he continues to keep fighting for a better world.

Jenny from Sacromento Prisoner Support. Jenny is Eric McDavid’s partner and she shares the story of Eric’s case and why he was charged with conspiracy and sentenced to 19 years in prison. Jenny talks about what life is like for Eric in prison and how people can support him.

Peter from Support Marie Mason, talks about Marie Mason, an environmental activist who has labelled as a terrorist and is currently serving a 20 year sentence. Peter talks about why Marie’s sentence is considered to be politically motivated and why this is part of what has been labelled the “green scare.”

WIll Potter, independent journalist and author of Green Is The New Red, discusses the political context of why environmentalists and animal rights activists are being labelled as terrorists in the United States and the social and political implications of this internationally.

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Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep

Formed in Halfax over a decade ago, Wintersleep have heard every weather pun you can imagine, I’m certain.  But unlike the seasons that turn, turn, turn in a circle, Wintersleep continues to evolve.  Their latest album Hello Hum bears the mark of experiments with the likes of Wolf Parade, yet retains their own sonic fingerprint.  Resuscitate is available for free download to sample, but for now, let’s rewind to one of their biggest successes.

Little Liar – Paper Lions

Belfast, P.E.I. band Paper Lions prowl the world.  After the release of their critically acclaimed 2010 EP, Trophies, Paper Lions has literally been around the world. They performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China, from Italy and Malta, to Nashville and New Orleans, as well as a series of shows that brought them from Goose Bay, Labrador, all the way to the most northern human settlement on Earth – Alert, Nunavut. Their recent EP is a free download and includes this summer bonfire chill track.

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