Green Majority Radio – June 28, 2013 – iRobot Inc.

Ganges River

This week we talk to JJ Kelley, documentary film maker about his latest work: GoGanges! As described on their website the documentary follows:

“Two friends in a foreign land on a quest to travel the ultimate river. Television producers and adventure travelers Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley test their skills on an epic adventure down India’s sacred river, the Ganges. Together they journey from the source glacier of the river in the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, where it empties into the Indian Ocean. And they do it rather unconventionally – traveling on foot, cycle-rickshaw, rowboat and anything else that moves. Battling hardships unimaginable to most, the friends test their limits on the planet’s most populated, polluted and holy river. The adventurers provide a colorful testimony to the distress the river endures, and why it merits reprieve as an irreplaceable emblem.”

Kevin and I also banter on about various things including Rob Ford, poor journalism as well as I have an epic rant about how I feel about corporations, particularly multinational oil and gas.

The episode ends a bit abruptly as I had a rare case of loosing track of time in the final few minutes 😀 my apologies. But I suppose that’s another reason to listen live! Friday mornings between 11am-noon GMT-4.

The video I was encouraging people to watch by Potholer54, which starts off talking about general conspiracies but after a few min deals with the climate change email scandal/conspiracy on youtube is here

All music this week was by Toronto artist Diamond Rings.


Our New Logo was composed by Ian Cant and Our New Theme was recorded by the wonderfully talented Alejandra Ribera. Big awesome shout outs to both of them! And please check out their websites, there’s no-one in the world we love more than them right now and they deserve a clicks worth of your time.

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