Green Majority Radio – July 05, 2013 – The Tortoise And The Slightly Faster Tortoise

HarperObamaTortoisesToronto’s waterfront has been a center of activity and industry since the beginning, and this has left a toxic legacy for what is now a sea of expensive condo’s and sprawling parks. Toronto is also in no way unique in this respect as this is, was and will be the reality for many waterfront cities all over the world as the relics of the industrial age are renewed, rebuilt and otherwise paved over.

This week we speak to Lisa Prime, Director of Environment and Innovation with Waterfront Toronto, the government funded corporation responsible for managing the revitalization, as well as intense re-development of Toronto’s sprawling waterfront. We talk about site clean-up (brownfield remediation), private developers and climate change and disaster planning for a waterfront city in the age of climate change.

In the second half, I play clips from a joint press conference between US President Obama and PM Harper (or ‘General Harper’ as Kevin would put it) from 2009, as well as clips from 2013 and talk about the progress of climate change and energy politics over the last few years between Canada and the US. The clips are below!

Pembina reacts to Obama’s new climate plan

Declining public concern about climate change: Can we blame the great recession?

GREY TO GREEN Conference

June 25, 2013 – US President Obama’s Climate Change Speech

February 19, 2009 – President Obama and Prime Minister Harper Address Climate Change


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This Weeks Music! Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Now that Toronto’s recovering from Pride, allow me to spotlight an artist you may have encountered roaming Toronto last Friday. The Cliks, fronted by Lucas Silveira, are what I imagine the rock invasion led by Elvis Presley would have sounded like, had it begun in 2013. Long before Adele burst onto the scene, The Cliks were blending the wry wit and sexuality of current times with the blues and rockabilly undercurrents that have been driving music forward in wonderful ways ever since the 60s. Their latest outing, Black Tie Elevator, is a fusion of Otis Redding soul, ska-kissed rock and so much more. Sample “Savanna” and “No Good Do’er” and if you like what you hear, might I recommend the Dexter-inspired “Dark Passenger” next?

Party on,


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