Stop To Smell The Roses

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much things have changed since I was a child. One thing that jumps out is how much “greener” everything is. Not in reality but how “cool” saying it is.

Companies have caught in that green is in, but product reviews show that much of this is marketing, either green washing or outright lies. As usual information is the remedy and technology is helping us do that, but first you have to care enough to look for it, and many of us are understandably but regretfully too busy just trying to survive and enjoy our scant free time.

Another is the weather, am I crazy or does the weather seem more and more off kilter every year? Then again maybe I’m not crazy. What have we gotten ourselves into I wonder, and will be able to pull through it, not just as a culture, but as a species? Does thinking so make me an extremist?



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