Green Majority Radio – July 19, 2013 – Lost (in thought) At Sea

Arctic 2013
Students On Ice trip to the Arctic – July 18, 2013

Chris Gismondi, a student on this years Students On Ice trip with some brief appearances from others eventually talks to us while on aboard a ship in the Arctic!

It was a bit exciting as we had, then lost, then had, then lost them again but we eventually got a clear line long enough to talk to Chris for a few min about his trip and how overwhelming an experience it had been so far.

Students On Ice trip to the Arctic – July 17, 2013

Here is Chris’ public journal for the day this picture was taken:

“Yesterday finally touching down in Greenland was the moment I think many of us were finally waiting for. After hot and sticky Ottawa, the cool and fresh Greenlandic air was a welcome feeling. From the plane everyone, myself included, crawled across seats trying to get a look out the window at the icebergs and coastline below. After arriving in the harbour in Kangerlussuaq and eagerly waiting to board Zodiacs to our floating home, the Sea Adventurer, a similar feeling of relief and excitement occurred after the build up to our incredible expedition. At dinner sailing down the Sondre Stronfjord the rugged mountains and sunny blue skies are simply incredible. After lecture, the experience of going to bed at 11 with the same blue skies and sunshine was a foreign feeling, but something I look forward to experiencing again here in the land of the midnight sun.

Today boarding Zodiacs and heading into Itilleq fjord was the experience many of us were looking forward to, and certainly not disappointed by. Talking with other students we can’t wait for future expeditions, like this afternoon journeying to the small village of Itilleq with a population of about 100 people. My heart sank when I came across of chunk of styrofoam among the rugged lichen covered rocks, moss, shrubs and flowers. To find a piece of the waste of civilization in such a beautiful and isolated place hit home to me, that even the most remote places are not immune to our negative interactions. In previous art work I have explored ideas of obliterating the viewer by filling the field of vision with large scale work. Here seeing the rugged mountains stretching out to the horizon bordered by fog and sea really puts you in your place and reminds you that are a portion of a whole. Getting down on your knees it was interesting to fill the periphery with the seemingly subterranean alien world of the aquatic kelps and algae, or the mosses and flowering shrubs between rocks. The idea of being “obliterated” or surrounded by this landscape is something I look forward to experimenting with, hopefully being able to instil the same humbling feelings into the viewer that Greenland has already seemed to instil in me.”

In between phone attempts Kevin and I chewed through some hot news items including:

Plan to create massive Antarctic ocean sanctuaries blocked by surprise challenge from Russia and Ukraine

Greg Rickford, Canada’s new science minister, has poor track record

In Oregon, The GMO Wheat Mystery Deepens

CIA spooks investigate geoengineering to fix climate

Welcome to the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2013

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This Weeks Music!

Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Why hello again, Green Majority listeners (and soon to be watchers on YouTube?)!

Hot enough for you?

Yeah, I’m over summer already. But a gal’s gotta keep her spirits up somehow.

My poisons: live music with dance-ability and sangria. For those in Toronto, I’ve got a solid suggestion (for those elsewhere, I’ve got something to crank at the BBQ/Pool).

Toronto band Paint have built themselves a rather vibrant reputation in the Canadian indie music scene. With their Britpop/New Wave fusion with the wry sardonic eye of the new generation, they’ve kept audiences grooving, racking up 200 shows since 2009 between Vancouver and Halifax.

Saturday, July 20th, they’ll be painting Measure (The Annex) that proverbial shade of crimson; for now, whet your whistle with “Strangers” and “Boomerang”.

Thirsty for more? Swing by the band’s official site,

Stay musical (and environmentally conscious), my friends.


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