Green Majority Radio – July 26, 2013 – Mayor Naheed Nenshi ~ Calgary’s #1 Sellout

Naheed Oil ProfitI go on a total rampage this week after hearing a clip of Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi speaking to the Canadian Club of Ottawa (video posted below). In it, Naheed gives the slimiest tar-sands “just shut up and accept it” speech we’ve heard in a while (other than Stephen Harper). We certainly aren’t going to let him go unchallenged! Kevin Farmer, myself and special guest Stefan Hostetter from the Green Society Campaign dissect every slimy sentence of this 3 min clip in the first half and discuss how this sort of obvious sucking at the teet of his oily masters continues to go on unchallenged in the mainstream media. But that’s why your here I hope!

In the second half Stefan helps us take a less intense break from the blind fury of the first half to talk about his environmental news/comedy show ENV and the Stephen Colbert style character “Guy Riel” who hosts it (video below as well). Stefan also talks with Kevin and I about environmental campaign tactics and whats commonly wrong with them as well as other assorted news items.

Some of these we barely touched, but here is a list of the articles or clips we talked about (and maybe one or two we didn’t but ran out of time for).

Lawsuits against mining company alleging shootings, gang rapes can go ahead in Canada

37 Million Dead Bees bring Strong Warnings

Alberta Oilsands Environmental Enforcement: Study Finds Little Done In Oilsands Incidents

Alberta’s Underground Tar Sands ‘Oil Blowout’ Industry and Government Don’t Want You to Know About

Oil Sands: 4,000 Environmental Infractions, 40 Punishments

Judge denies BP effort to halt Gulf spill claim payouts

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This Weeks Music!

Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Hooray! The Royal Baby has been born! And amazingly, despite the lack of Federal funding for public transit or green initiatives of any kind, Stephen Harper has found $100K to give to charity to celebrate Prince George.

Tired of the media blitz? Me too, dear Green Majority listeners. Let’s drown it out with music. When Dallas Green (then of Alexisonfire) did a guest vocal stint on Neverending White Lights’ hit single “The Grace”, listeners were caught off guard. The man had a beautiful voice when he wasn’t screaming into the mic. Apparently he agreed, and City And Colour is the testament to that belief.

The latest album The Hurry and The Harm is already being devoured by eager fans. Take a listen to “Of Space And Time” to understand why, part of Dine Alone’s 25-song sampler.

Markham band Future History took the crown last year on OTM for best album and it looks like they’re gearing up to attempt a repeat performance with their third album, Lungs later this year. Picking up where Loss:/Self left off (namely, the destruction and deconstruction of self), the album kicks off with new single “With Haste”, a harmony-rich beauty that begins the journey of rising from the ashes. Like our first pick of the week, you can snag a free download of “With Haste” from the band’s official site.

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P.S. – Next time Royals, at least Lion King that baby, alright?


The ENV: Obama’s Climate Speech and the War on Coal with Guy Riel

Naheed Nenshi: Oilsands are the cornerstone of Canadian prosperity

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