Green Majority Radio #361 – General Harper’s March Of Dimes

Our New Green Majority Shirts!
Our New Green Majority Shirts!

We were all over the place this week, starting the show with Mark Heiman, co-founder of Repair The World Apparel, who is also now making our awesome new recycled Green Majority shirts! You can get yours here!

After the first break, Kevin gives a very illustrative example of how our inherent inability to visualize and/or estimate relatively simple math might play into problems understanding environmental issues, particularly climate change.

Galileo_Earth_-_PIA00114After the second break, we tear into some headlines:

Report says Keystone pipeline would not up U.S. greenhouse gas emissions


India Recognizes Dolphins as Non-Human Persons

U.S. declares ‘unusual mortality event’ as dolphin deaths rise

Coronavirus spreading in Middle East may be linked to camels

Are GMOs Actually Bad For Our Health? (trying to book my own interview to follow-up this one, stay tuned!)

Spain Privatizes the Sun: Solar Power Collection Tax

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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy release week to The Box Tiger!

If you’ve been with The Green Majority for a while (and of course you have, because you have impeccable taste in podcasts/radio shows), you know how much I dig Sonia Sturino and company. What can I say: well-penned indie rock with pop sensibilities, gorgeous vocals that don’t sound like the cookie cutter pop starlets and very humble people to boot? That’s who I like to support.

Their album Set Fire is stellar (read all about it below), so let’s sample two fresh tracks from the album, “Taller Than Trees” and “The Hollows”. And if you’re hungry for more, I’ve got the source to feed your craving.

The Box Tiger online:

My review of Set Fire:

Stay green,


The Sustainability Song – By DJDHUMS

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