Green Majority Radio #362 – The Really, Really, REALLY Big Picture

Rob Thacker
Rob Thacker

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’ve always had my head in the clouds a bit. Unlike this weeks feature interview however, I haven’t been able to make a living at it. I talk to Rob Thacker, the Canada Research Chair in Astronomy at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We talk about two of his articles being published in the September edition of Alternatives Journal, discussing philosophy of science and space as well as the exciting new ALMA telescope.

In the second half, Kevin Farmer and I walk through a few news items relating to the ongoing bee crisisneonicotinoids (as scary as it sounds), and a bit on fracking.

This weeks theme was borrowed from CBC’s Music Monday 2013 series. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies‘ Ed Robertson co-wrote “(I.S.S.) Is Somebody Singing?” The video is embedded below!


Recommended news items this week:

Heat Waves Projected To Double By 2020, Quadruple By 2040

Wells Are Running Dry In Parts Of Kansas

Can Hacking The Stratosphere Solve Climate Change?

The Algae Is Coming, But Its Impact Is Felt Far From Water

NOAA’s National Weather Service more than doubles computing capacity

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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Hello again, Green Majority! This week’s music comes to us from Hamilton, Ontario – a city loaded with tremendous indie talent from my experience. Take this week’s artist, a transplant from Innisfail, Alberta.

Us Ambers have to stick together, particularly when they write such powerful and introspective tracks. Amber Edgar confesses that she dreamed once upon a time of singing in a screamo band; life has brought her instead to crafting indie rock, where lucky for us, she can showcase her gorgeous voice. For me, it’s the honesty in her storytelling that makes her a true standout – think early Chantal Kreviazuk, or Tori Amos without the wild metaphors and faeries (important note: I love that old Tori Amos).

Best of all, this week’s tunes “Honey & Sorrow” and “Trouble” are both free downloads at Bandcamp. Sharing is caring, and I care an awful lot about Green Majority listeners.

Stay green,


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The First Ever Real Music Video From Space!

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