Green Majority Radio #363 – EcoChase The Bums Out!

Elena Jusenlijska - EcoChase Co-Founder
Elena Jusenlijska – EcoChase Co-Founder

EcoChase is in it’s third year here in Toronto, and this week Elena Jusenlijska co-founder of the fun annual event to talk about why you should attend and what to look forward too, other than meeting members of Green Majority and Green Society Campaign!

Kevin goes on another epic rant this week, so devastating that I somehow managed to let him finish for once without interrupting him with sarcastic comments. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Finally, Stefan Hostetter with Green Society Campaign steps in for the final segment to help us digest these tasty news items:

First-of-Its-Kind Energy Institute High School Debuts [High School… brought to you by big oil]

Survey Confirms Americans Want Climate Action [Good news?]

‘Uncertain’ Science: Judith Curry’s Take On Climate Change [This is where that left over 3% of climate scientists comes from…]

Regulators Monitor ‘Serious Leaks’ At Japanese Nuclear Plant [I plan to be covering this story till the end of my career]

Indian Farmers Growing Record Yields With No GMO Crops or Pesticides [Not news to us…]

WHAT’S IT COST TO DEAL WITH CLIMATE CHANGE? [Clip from Tom Rand’s new book… look for our interview coming soon!]

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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Hello Green Majority!

It’s Buskerfest here in Toronto, an annual weekend of street performers wowing the crowds while supporting fundraising for epilepsy research.  It’s a great time guaranteed and donate what you can — can’t go wrong!  In the spirit of things a little more playful and experimental, allow me to introduce you to this week’s pick, Toronto band for esmé .

The brainchild of Martha Meredith, it’s best described as a blend of the confessional storytelling of early Chantal Kreviazuk and the playful experimentation of Regina Spektor or Fiona Apple.  By their own astute description, “…for esmé explores the balance between pop music and poetry, between soft and hard, between light and dark. for esmé is a study of contrast and the things that pull us in differing directions… from city lights to the window in the woods.”

Check out “Grace Is Such A Good Word” and “Alice” from their debut release, available to stream now on Bandcamp below.  And if you like what you hear, toss a few coins in their virtual hat and take a copy home of your very own.

In closing, a huge Happy Birthday wish to my Dad, whose enviable collection of vinyl and concert ticket stubs started my music obsession in the first place!

Thanks, Daddy-O.

– Amber

We are now selling Green Majority t-shirts (made of recycled plastic bottles no less


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This weeks intro/extro music… ahhh Michael


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