Green Majority Radio #364 – Foraging With Moxie

s2_e7The literally wildest cooking show you’ll ever see, this weeks feature is a walk in the park. The show starts with Ian Toews, Executive Producer of the Untamed Gourmet, a foraging cooking show on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network).


Nikki Fotheringham aka Green Moxie join us for the show in addition to Kevin Farmer help us analize this weeks news, as well as to talk about her fun blog full of eco DIY tips, fun news and saucy topics.


The news this week:

Harper government touts environmental grants program after cutting red tape

EPA Sued for Abandoning Critical Factory Farm Rule Under Clean Water Act

BP accuses Louisiana leaders of ‘political grandstanding’ over oil spill

Central American coffee farmers fear ruin from rust fungus

Beachgoers In Spain Face Invasion Of Jellyfish


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Long Weekend, Canadian Green Majority listeners! (Happy weekend all the same to the rest of you!)

It’s back to school time, summer’s last hurrah against the impending Autumn (my favourite season), and a time for reflecting on the year so far.  The seasons have changed over the years, but I’m grateful we do still have them for now.

Calgary-based band Locomotive Ghost also appreciates the seasons that turn, turn, turn.  Their latest musical project:  a series of seasonal EPs, one per season.  Locomotive Ghost writes folk-rock for nerds and lovers, according to their press release, and they’re not kidding:  their Summer EP rocks tracks like “Dog Days” and “Isaac Newton” side by side.  Folky, reflective tunes that evoke sun and a struggle to hang onto the more innocent part of the heart are the core of their tunes.

To bid farewell to the seasons of beginnings and bad burger ideas at the CNE, check out “Dog Days” and “This Damn Addiction” and then saunter on over to their site for a bigger taste of this entirely DIY project from an ambitious indie quartet.

Speaking of indies, Harper’s Conservatives are pushing for unreasonable fees that will make it nearly impossible for smaller bars and music venues across the country to bring in international talent which, in turn, diminishes opportunities for Canadian indies.

Bad scene all around.

Take a peek at the petition below, and help us save the indie music scene.

– Amber

We are now selling Green Majority t-shirts (made of recycled plastic bottles no less


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