Green Majority Radio #366 – Another One Rides The Bus

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Jessica Bell is a just a Toronto public transportation rider, but she has friends. is sort of like a riders union for the public to advocate for improvements to local public transportation infrastructure, for the planet, and equity in the big city.

Milan Ilnyckyj also joins us this week to talk about 350Toronto (local chapter of Bill Mckibben’s and the UofT Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign, you can use that link to sign the petition, but only if your associated with UofT! (ie.Teaching Staff, Students, Administrative Staff or Alumni). Milan and I discuss the Brief they have prepared as well as join Jessica and I in discussing a variety of related topics.

We also remind everyone that we will see you tomorrow morning for ECOCHASE!

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Kevin Farmer phones in for the end of the show to talk about some news items, and here are some more we recommend this week!

New rules to force release of more details on federal consulting contracts

NOAA launches website holding millions of chemical analyses from Deepwater Horizon oil spill

‘Rivers On Rolaids’: How Acid Rain Is Changing Waterways

More evacuations as Colorado floodwaters rise

Massive Molasses Spill Devastates Honolulu Marine Life

Japan must get ready to release Fukushima water into the sea: U.S. adviser


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hands up, 90s alt-rock fans.  Our Lady Peace (before the lacklustre years), Moist, Treble Charger — ringing bells?  In that case, I come bearing gifts for you.

Toronto band The Bleeding Lights have made friends with some key movers and shakers in the city, particularly when your music is best described as melodic alt-rock.  Their debut album From Here To The Truth boasts Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace; Crash Karma) at the production helm, with Mark  Makoway (Moist) mixing it all up into a polished package.

Already garnering attention from radio, TV and film, I think you’ll agree that a little more solid rock  is a good thing in a scene crowded with EDM and bands trying to be The Lumineers or Wintersleep  instead of being themselves.  Enjoy “Collide” and “Skin and Bones” and do swing by their official  home on Facebook.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lottery ticket to buy…

– Amber

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