Green Majority Radio #367 – ENILEPIP Theory

Adam ScottAdam Scott – Climate and Energy Program Manager for Environmental Defense joins me today as co-host for the entire show. From Keystone XL to Line 9 reversal and the fast approaching NEB hearing Adam and I talk strategy, messaging and the politics of effective climate policy. We cover a wide range of topics and ideas but manage to keep pipeline politics as a central focus. I think we really explored some important topics so I hope you enjoy!

No news headlines this week as I’m drowning in work! Please forgive me ūüėÄ

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This Weeks Music: ¬†Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at¬†Open til’ Midnight:

Another Friday, on the cusp of the Solstice. ¬†For those Green Majority listeners who love the Fall, let’s celebrate!

From the ashes, a beautiful Phoenix; it’s how the saying goes. ¬†Toronto’s Urvah Khan certainly subscribes to a more musical version of that truth. ¬†“SCRAP,” is her reply, when asked her about her sound. “Rock is dead, we built this from the scraps.” ¬†Melding her Pakistani heritage with her Canadian upbringing, the resulting music is a whirlwind blend of Western and Eastern sounds, refusing to be defined. ¬†Rock, hip hop, rap — all of this and more courses through her first full length release, The Wrath Of Urvah Khan. ¬†There’s a sociopolitical edge, akin to M.I.A. and perhaps it’s partially grounded in the life of a journalist’s child. ¬†Urvah sees, lives and speaks truth.

Check out “NIB” and “Things Fall Apart” and then hit her official site for more tracks.

– Amber




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