Green Majority Radio #369 – A Fireplace Chat & Memberships!

Due to severe technical difficulties at CIUT 89.5 FM today, we were not able to do our live show at the studio, however never fear! Nothing can stop us from producing our show! Stefan Hostetter of the Green Society Campaign joins me for a fireside chat about the state of the environmental movement.

We talk about the place of charities and not-for-profits, whether or not its time to start panicking people about climate change, and how to talk to someone with a different ideology than you.

At the end of the show, because we can’t do this live on air, I also make an appeal for members to join the Green Majority as Founders Club Members. You can follow the link above to sign up, but if you want to hear why you should listen to this clip of the show below (also in the full show at the end).

We will be back up with our regular format next week, when we will be joined by Keith Brunner from Global Justice Ecology!

Stay green and see y’all next week. ūüėÄ


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This Weeks Music: ¬†Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at¬†Open til’ Midnight:

Happy October!  

In honour of Nine Inch Nails playing tonight (I’ll be fangirling at the ACC), let’s dig into something a ¬† little reminiscent of the bands that laid the foundation for what has become a successful Oscar-winning ¬† career for one Trent Reznor. ¬†

Montreal’s We Are Monroe draws heavily on a blend of old classics like Joy Division while rock- dancing it out with the best of the Bloc Party-types on the scene. A little bit punk, a little bit 80s dance- rock, it’s impossible not to groove to their tunes. Go on, I dare you. Check out two of my faves, “Tear ¬† Yourself Apart” and “Give Me Some…” and swing by their official site for tour dates and more music. ¬†  

Damn the Man,  




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