Green Majority Radio #370 – Multi Media Monstrosity

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Media on the mind today as Kevin and I talk about the state of major corporate media. With an amazing ability to influence public opinion and a shrinking economic base major news media is becoming increasingly beholden to their corporate masters. Not to mention politics, (then we mention politics).

Unfortunately, our planned guest Keith Brunner from Global Justice Ecology Project was unable to join us in this conversation due to a line issue, but we had no problem tackling some of the issues on our own, don’t miss it!

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The news we covered included:

Federal government prepares $24-million oilsands advertising blitz

Global warming study pinpoints dates when cities will be off-the-charts hot

Line 9 pipeline protests ramp up ahead of National Energy Board hearings

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wins 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

Federal science minister Greg Rickford not commenting on fundraising letter labelling some scientists ‘radical ideologues’

Other stories worth a look this week:

Due to government shutdown, major oil spill in North Dakota goes unnoticed

About a dozen detained at Montreal protest against Enbridge pipeline project

Fight over genetically altered crops flares in Hawaii

Canada’s geothermal power industry turns to the “crowd” in the absence of government funding for research

Last week we didn’t play on CIUT for technical reasons.
I can’t do this live on air, so i used the opportunity to make an appeal join the Green Majority as Founders Club Members.
You can follow the link above to sign up, but if you want to hear why you should listen to this clip of the show below.


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy October!  

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Green Majority!  

Although buried beneath the commercialism that has captured every holiday and the ready-stuffed turkeys-in-boxes from the supermarket, Thanksgiving is a time I try to check in with myself and remind my heart of the positives in my life. The hope is they’ll keep me warm through the winter, a season I don’t care much for.

Naturally, I am always thankful for the power of music to move us both physically and emotionally, for its presence in my life in utero to now. A strange concert alert that I still cannot confirm the accuracy   of set me thinking about this week’s pick, a throwback.

Vancouver’s Rhys Fulber is a formidable force in the Canadian electronic scene – the guy who really brought the genre out of its devoted following into the mainstream. As a member of Front Line Assembly, Delirium and Conjure One, Fulber has worked with an impressive ‘Who’s Who’ of artists, many lending vocals to his stunning sonic creations. I often waver on which project of his I love most, but most days, I’ll choose Conjure One (although Delirium’s Karma album is ridiculously perfect). Conjure One brims with hope, with the wisdom of lessons learned and personal growth, and really taps into the Eastern influences that The Tea Party has also made a mainstay of their sound.  

Enjoy two Conjure One tracks that evoke the spirit of the holiday, “Extraordinary Way” and “Centre of the Sun”, and be sure to support what you hear and love.




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