Green Majority Radio #371 – Sakura-we-kidding?

sakura saunders
sakura saunders

Line 9 pipeline is a growing issue here in Ontario, and no-one is more happy about that than Sakura Saunders. Sakura is a local Toronto environmental and social justice activist whose been working on issues that overlap human rights with environmental concerns for years. As happy as she is that the general public is starting to take notice of the trampling of indigenous peoples, as well as the rest of our rights, she wonders… what took so long?

We talk to Sakura today primarily about the NEB (National Energy Board) hearings this week in Toronto, and a large rally that will be held outside the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where the hearings are being held this week, to decide the fate of the Line 9 pipeline (keep in mind the NEB rubber stamps almost everything that crosses their desk, and is largely seen as a “formality” by the establishment), which stands to OK a rickety old pipeline with an even more toxic, dangerous and hard to control substance than it already carries… right through the backyards of one of the most densely populated stretches in Canada.

If you are in Toronto, Saturday Oct 19th…

click here to read more and join us downtown!

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Hamilton News
Hamilton News

News Items for this week:

Mainstream Media ‘Balances’ Climate Science With Fossil Fuel Funded Propaganda

Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately

How the 16-Day Government Shutdown Significantly Impacted Health and the Environment

Throne speech 2013: The full text for Governor General David Johnston’s statement

(Not about so much what it says as what it doesn’t….)

Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days

(Can anyone guess where I’m going with this? We will address it on a near future show…)

Two weeks ago we didn’t play on CIUT for technical reasons.
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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Amber had the week off! So I reused songs she sent me from July, here’s the post from July that wen’t with it!


The Royal Baby has been born! And amazingly, despite the lack of Federal funding for public transit or green initiatives of any kind, Stephen Harper has found $100K to give to charity to celebrate Prince George.

Tired of the media blitz? Me too, dear Green Majority listeners. Let’s drown it out with music.

When Dallas Green (then of Alexisonfire) did a guest vocal stint on Neverending White Lights’ hit   single “The Grace”, listeners were caught off guard. The man had a beautiful voice when he wasn’t   screaming into the mic. Apparently he agreed, and City And Colour is the testament to that belief.   The latest album The Hurry and The Harm is already being devoured by eager fans. Take a listen to   “Of Space And Time” to understand why, part of Dine Alone’s 25-song sampler.  

Markham band Future History took the crown last year on OTM for best album and it looks like   they’re gearing up to attempt a repeat performance with their third album, Lungs later this year.   Picking up where Loss:/Self left off (namely, the destruction and deconstruction of self), the album   kicks off with new single “With Haste”, a harmony-rich beauty that begins the journey of rising from   the ashes. Like our first pick of the week, you can snag a free download of “With Haste” from the   band’s official site.

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P.S. – Next time Royals, at least Lion King that baby, alright?




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