Green Majority Radio #374 – Carbon Taxaphobia


It’s much ado about carbon tax this week as we first hear from friend of the show, Mike Smith who talks to us about his climate website and some of the presentations he’s prepared.

Check out his website here:

In the second half of the show, we are joined by Cheryl McNamara from Citizens Climate Lobby (remember Liz Rice?) who follows up our conversation with more detail about what a carbon tax actually is, and addresses many of the concerns that many people have about such an idea (for instance how is a tax revenue neutral?)

Check out Citizens Climate Lobby here:

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As announced on the show!

Our other podcast, co-hosted with Stefan Hostetter from GSC

And if your in Toronto this Sunday check out: 5th annual EcoFair at the Barns

News Items for this week:

Here, Drink A Nice Glass Of Sparkling Clear Wastewater

Joe Oliver encouraged by talks with U.S. counterpart, feeling hopeful about Keystone XL

Conservatives table new spending estimates, allocating $690M to disaster funding


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

It’s already November… Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?

Though he passed at the age of 71 this month, there are many who might argue that Lou Reed left us   too soon. A formidable force and innovator of the music scene, Reed truly broke the mould — first   with his band The Velvet Underground and later as a solo artist. Paving the way for everything from   punk to glam to experimental electronic and indie rock, Reed was a master of throwing out everything   the business insisted an artist should be and choosing instead to create his art, his way.

Without pioneers like Reed, we wouldn’t have watched a band like Arcade Fire take home top Grammy   nods, or marveled at the burgeoning success of the indie scene. Folk, pop, rock, burlesque, grunge   — each and every genre holds talents who tip their hat to (and often collaborated with) Lou. One Canadian example when Barenaked Ladies’ band member Kevin Hearn was battling cancer in earnest,   Reed dropped him a line out of the blue to wish him well and ‘back to the music’; years later, Reed   joined Hearn on an album.

Lou Reed may not be Canadian, but he inspired so much of what makes our music great.  This week, I wanted to bid him farewell in Canuck style. Our picks this week: from their album The   Trinity Sessions, The Cowboy Junkies’ stunning version of “Sweet Jane”; and from their recent album   Synthetica, Metric’s “The Wanderlust”, featuring Lou Reed.

(Aside: Emily Haines’ farewell letter to Reed is beautiful in its heartache; Google it. It’s the best   tribute I’ve read to the man, aside from Laurie Anderson’s.)

Until next week,




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