Green Majority Radio #375 – Recycled Design

This week we talk to Mike, co-owner Boston Auto Wreckers in Toronto and a Board Member of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA). OARA is one of the founding Members of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. ARC has launched a cool grant program worth over $100,000 to inspire everyone to help think up ways to make the auto-industry more eco friendly. The grants are open to everyone so check out the info here.

As announced on the show!

Our other podcast, co-hosted with Stefan Hostetter from GSC

Event to take note of if your in the Toronto Area! ( I will be Emcee) Click the title for more info

Reposted from the Montreal Gazette
Reposted from the Montreal Gazette

Critical Condition: Reviving Public Science in Canada

Date: November 29, 2013

Time: 5:30

Place: J.R.McLeod Auditorium 2158 Medical Science Building, University of Toronto Social Forum

Speaking will be: 
Paul Cappon (Canadian Council on Learning)
Robert Page (National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy)
Peter Ross (Marine Toxicology and Contaminants Program)
Diane Orihel (Save ELA)

Items for this week:

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

10 Ways Riding a Bike Can Save the World

Canada sees bigger surplus in time for 2015 election

Canada launches new attack against EU’s proposed dirty oil rules

‘Petro-currency’ limiting Canada’s economic growth and competitiveness: report

Tesla Motors Inc workers injured in industrial accident at California factory


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

So… Rob Ford.

Do I really need to say anything at all? Life in Toronto has become a twisted Advent Calendar: every day, another little door opens and out tumbles Rob Ford failure. I take heart that our council is doing  its best to get important work done in spite of the chaos.

Before we break to the music picks of the week, a friendly reminder for the locals that the TTC Budget is on top November 18th and transit supporters are speaking up against the proposed hikes, particularly   in light of chronic under-funding and overcrowded service. There’s a petition ongoing as well, which I encourage you to sign: today/

And now, a little music to capture the mood.

Vancouver’s Data Romance is stunning in its electronic ethereal way and often haunting. Taking those   breathy vocals to a special terrain with style, their cover of Tom Waits’ “Clap Hands” is a worthy take   on the original.  

For a more… aggressive approach to coping with Ford, might I suggest Ottawa’s Amos The   Transparent? Their song “Convince The Mayor” is particularly fun to rock out to these days. Check it   out.

Stay warm, Green Majority!




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