Green Majority Radio #376 – Why Do We Hate Economists?


Professor Peter Victor joins the show today as a rare breed, an economist working helping to change the system so environmental costs are worked into the system. The Metcalf Foundation helps to bring us this informative report to supplement the discussion titled Green Economy At Community Scale.

From the U.K., Professor Tim Jackson – author of Prosperity without Growth — economics for a finite planet (Earthscan 2009,) which has now been translated into over fifteen languages, in town to present a new Metcalf Foundation Report ‘GREEN ECONOMY AT COMMUNITY SCALE with York University’s Professor Peter A. Victor.

After that Stefan Hostetter and Kevin Farmer help me break down the weeks news items!

Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

New Democrats propose science watchdog to address muzzling allegations

Opposition to Northern Gateway on the decline

Warsaw’s widening climate chasm could lead to 4C warming

Canada’s richest people got even richer this year

Pacific Carbon Trust to be shut down

Organic Farmers Bash FDA Restrictions On Manure Use

As announced on the show!

Our other podcast, co-hosted with Stefan Hostetter from GSC

Event to take note of if your in the Toronto Area! ( I will be Emcee) Click the title for more info

Reposted from the Montreal Gazette
Reposted from the Montreal Gazette

Critical Condition: Reviving Public Science in Canada

Date: November 29, 2013

Time: 5:30

Place: J.R.McLeod Auditorium 2158 Medical Science Building, University of Toronto Social Forum

Speaking will be: 
Paul Cappon (Canadian Council on Learning)
Robert Page (National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy)
Peter Ross (Marine Toxicology and Contaminants Program)
Diane Orihel (Save ELA)


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Friday, Green Majority!  

The weather is crisp, the Mayor’s powers are restrained and the indie bands are pumping out great  music, as always!  

Arcade Fire needs no introduction at this point; I’m pretty sure the internet answered the question of their identity after their Grammy awards for The Suburbs. Their latest release, Reflektor, is decidedly different. I’m still not certain whether the disco meets ska-folk overtones of the project (coupled with their suggested dress code of formality for their shows) is brilliant or completely up their own posteriors, but I do dig the vibe on “Flashbulb Eyes”. Plus, I figure we’re all a little surrounded by the media flashbulbs of late. Their Toronto show is on sale, by the way.  

Feeling a little more like honest indie without pretense? Hamilton’s Illitry delivers a new single, also   featuring a bit of a ska undercurrent, in advance of their show on the 24th at Handlebar. “Kingdom Perverted” seems like a great future title for a cheesy Rob Ford TV movie and it’s a sweet track I’m loving. You can have it for a price of your choosing on Bandcamp.  

See you next week!  




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