Green Majority Radio #379 – Ethical Oil? Ya, Right

Our guests this week are John Bennett, Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, and Angela Bischoff, Communications Director for the OCAA (Ontario Clean Air Alliance).

John Bennett joins us in the first half to talk about the ongoing harassment by astroturf group “Ethical Oil” attempting to threaten their charitable status with misinformation. You can click the link above if your want, but I suggest clicking on this PDF link directly below (and above the image) I made of their “about us” page so they can’t take credit for the clicks as fake evidence for support.

Ethical _ About EthicalOil

Screengrab of on Dec 11, 2013
Screengrab of on Dec 11, 2013


Angela Bischoff joins us in the second half to raise the mood! OCAA has enjoyed some “wins” of late and its our pleasure to share some good news for once. Check out their site, or better yet get on their mailing list here:


click the player here to listen along

As announced on the show!

Our other podcast, co-hosted with Stefan Hostetter from GSC

We also briefly discuss a new documentary/game/social-experiment (we will be interviewing the makes next week!) launched at this years Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto, and sponsored by the NFB called Fort McMoney.

Fort McMoney is very much worth checking out, and we will be doing an interview soon while the game is still running for only a couple more weeks!


Calling it a game is actually probably a misnomer, it is very much just an interactive documentary with some other elements added that you can easily skip by and still get a rich experience (no “game components” will prevent you from watching the documentary part).

Please do let us know what you think ahead of that interview by checking it out here and tweeting us your thoughts! (or on this post)


News you may have missed!

New greenhouse gas discovered by U of T chemists has highest impact on global warming

Site C hearings, day 3: Suzuki Foundation presenter condemns ‘severe’ environmental damage to region

Prince Charles tells business leaders that nature’s ‘bank’ is being depleted


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Friday the 13th!  

It’s my brother’s birthday today and mine tomorrow (13 years apart… how my dad managed this, I do not know).

Being as I’m currently in the Dominican Republic, I thought I’d take a spin through the nostalgic and perhaps sunnier sounds to help keep you cozy this weekend.  “Day Job” – Sunshine State  

The now defunct group comprised of James Bryan (Prozzak, The Philosopher Kings) and Aleza Coldevin, their debut album was a fantastic blend of acoustic indie pop, dashed with flavours of Bossa Nova and R&B.  

“Day Job” is the perfect anthem for the office cubicle drone.  

As you count to the end of your day today, here’s hoping it makes those final hours brighter.  

“This Is Yours” – Goodnight, Sunrise  

Currently a contender in the CBC’s challenge to find a new Hockey Night In Canada theme, Toronto’s Goodnight, Sunrise have a way with uplifting, catchy classic rock with a flair all their own.  

A winner for house parties that rebel against Christmas carols, it’s ultimately an ode to living life to the fullest potential.  

Cheers (from my beach seat)!





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