Green Majority Radio #380 – Snowstorm From Hell

Here’s the show!

I’m sorry for the super stripped down post and the delay but I’ve had to move my desktop to a friends house just to get this much, as most of Toronto’s power is down!

Snowstorm from hell indeed.

Here’s the Fort McMoney Link, check out the game and tell us what you think!

Here’s Powerbarr’s info and Kickstarter with a cool video!

Stay safe folks it’s nasty out there.



click the player here to listen along

As announced on the show!

Our other podcast, co-hosted with Stefan Hostetter from GSC


Calling it a game is actually probably a misnomer, it is very much just an interactive documentary with some other elements added that you can easily skip by and still get a rich experience (no “game components” will prevent you from watching the documentary part).

Please do let us know what you think ahead of that interview by checking it out here and tweeting us your thoughts! (or on this post)


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