Green Majority Radio #383 – The Black Death Still Killing?

Hendrik Poinar
Hendrik Poinar

Hendrik Poinar is evolutionary biologist based at Hamilton’s McMaster University, specializing in infectious disease, particularly very very old ones. Hendrik is both the featured guest on today’s program and the star of an upcoming The Nature of Things documentary on CBC TV this Thursday January 16th, at 8PM (8:30 NL). The name of the documentary is SECRETS IN THE BONES: THE HUNT FOR THE BLACK DEATH KILLER and follows the history, and freakishly the possibly future of the Bubonic plague.

“The quest to solve one of the greatest scientific mysteries in history: Identify the ancient killer that caused the Black Death and took 50 million lives.”


In the second half, Stefan and I talk about concepts such as cognitive dissonance and worldviews with regards to accepting environmentalist arguments. With examples from this weeks news, we talk about the fact that we pretty much read the same news headlines each week, why has no-one got the point yet? Why am I reading headlines about how mass-farming of the oceans is killing everything in it, when I remember these headlines from when I was 6? Good times had by all.

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This Weeks Music! Care of: DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Regina, Saskatchewan band Government Town began in 2011 as friends jamming in the basement.  Since then, they’ve grown into a polished musical project featuring eight members, one self-produced CD, and an expanding fan base.

What I love about their sound is the crossing of genre lines, creating their own unique sound. Acoustic guitar, violin, and mandolin at times give the band an alt-country sound while some rhythms evoke a Celtic feel. The end result: music that is powerful, poignant or simply just great listening.

Check out “Enough Light” and “Breathe Again” and swing by their website to hear the rest!




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