Green Majority Radio #384 – 10 Reasons To Burn Out, 1 Great Way To Prevent It

Peter Phillips on CBC's [5th Estate]
Peter Phillips on CBC’s [5th Estate]
This weeks guest was James Watson from SPRiNG! They run networking and workshop events for sustainability professionals to learn and help each other, if you are interested in the next upcoming event in Toronto check out the event page here. The next event is Tuesday, January 21’st with more to follow if you miss this one.

This week we feature a variety of interviews on the internet and from the mainstream media that shows that they finally seems to be taking notice on our national pastime of attacking charities and our most important public servants, our federal scientists. We ended up mixing up the order during the show of what we address due to our guest getting held up on route, but here are the links to the three clips we were referring too so you can decide for yourself.

Thanks to PressProgress: This is what an unmuzzled scientist looks like

Thanks to the CBC (go Mansbridge!) Dave Phillips: Senior Climatologist, Environment Canada

Thanks to 5th Estate (no thank’s Peter Phillips….) Are scientists really being muzzled?

This last one is the one that I wrote a response to, you can see my response to Peter Phillips here.

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This Weeks Music! Care of: DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold as hell outside, I find myself leaning towards songs that  radiate warmth. Sunny synths, rich voices, lush harmonies… they beckon and build me up when the snow and ice make everything far too dreary for my liking. This week’s selections are bright and blossoming with rhythm and promise. They both also deal with matters of the heart.

Fitness Club Fiasco has perhaps one of the coolest names on the indie circuit, but it’s not merely a clever moniker: it’s actually an astute rending of their sound. Imagine, if you will, heart-pumping,   electro-pulsing music that makes you want to stick with that New Year’s Resolution. Now, add in lyrical craftsmanship more reminiscent of folk rock consciousness and care and add a little wild   abandon of the “dancing down the streets at 3am” variety. Such is the delectable nature of lead   single “Goldmine” from their forthcoming debut album, recently funded on IndieGoGo. A love story   with an unforgettably catchy hook, it’s guaranteed to brighten your world and make itself at home in   your ear.

Hamilton’s The Foreign Films (or the lovely Bill Majoros, as I’ve come to know him through email exchanges) has carved out this wonderful new genre of sound you might call “cutting-edge nostalgic”. Blending the timeless sounds of the 60’s greats who created a path for generations of artists with ingenious electronic elements, Majoros has built a world where the familiar pulls the heart in while the innovative engages the mind. Foreshadowing his forthcoming new album, single “Fall Of The Summer Heart” is a 13-minute song cycle and it’s stunning.  In his words: “The idea sprung while on tour in England. At first it was more a dream sequence than a song, but over time the fragments of mumbled melody took the foggy images of birds, ghosts, pinball machines, a fortune-teller, mermaids, a maze, an abandoned amusement park into a sonic tapestry…  The result is a song within a song within a song.”  To listen to it in full (and name your own price to keep it), check out The Foreign Films.


See you next week with more fantastic indie music!



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