Birdbone Theatre Steals The Stage

Birdbone Theatre: Alison and  Aleksandra
Birdbone Theatre: Alison and Aleksandra

I had the absolute pleasure of making it to First Unitarian Church today in time to watch Birdbone Theatre’s wonderful performance at Toronto’s stop on The Tar Sands Dragon Opera Tour. Birdbone Theatre is the collaborative work of playwright/actors Alison and  Aleksandra whose creative and passionate work has traveled the land by suitcase and horse-drawn carriage, and their current tour is following the Line 9 pipeline path with stops all over Ontario. Along the sides are some photo’s I took at the performance, I was stuck with only a phone camera today… my apologies for the less than fantastic photo quality! You can however click for larger versions.

The tour, which is an interpretive work focused on bringing awareness to the burning issue of the Line 9 reversal, shows their creativity and their passion for both their art andIMG_01642 their ethics. . There we’re a number of things I would like to say about the performance, but far and away the most impressive part was the incredible creativity and amount of work these young women put into their wonderful stage, characters and props. The show involved using a wide variety of hand puppets, noise makers, lighting effects and vocal and visual magnetism that would have made it an entrancing spectacle to watch regardless of the content.

IMG_01608The content itself is whimsical theatre bizarre – managing to include poignant factual information about the world’s dirtiest mega-project and it’s tentacle-like pipelines, while resisting the urge to be a lecture at the cost of entertainment value. I found the performance well worth the pay-what-you-can ticket price 😀 and is not to be missed if you get the chance. While I caught the last performance in Toronto that has been scheduled so far, you can see the rest of their currently planned stops on their website and the duo are quick to mention that they take requests for performances so make sure you contact them if you would like to have them visit a venue near you.

Below is a short sample video from their YouTube channel:

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This review was brought to you by: Daryn Caister

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