Green Majority Radio #389 – Love, Compassion and Community

Kimberly Carroll
Kimberly Carroll

As Kermit says, it ain’t easy being green, so this week we invited an eco-spirit coach to help us all be more effective stewards of the world around us by not letting it wear us down. Kimberly Carroll joins us for the entire program to talk about animal rights, vegan-ism and how to keep the empathy from eating us alive. Kimberly is a ray of sunshine and it is our pleasure to share her with you this week.  She also runs a 7 week Life Reboot Program, and as well is co-founder of Mercy for Animals Canada.

2014 Organic Consumer Conference
Organic Consumer Conference


Part way through the show, we also hear from the Executive Director of the Organics Council of Ontario Jodi Koberinski. Jodi talks to us about food systems and her organizations systemic approach to democratizing and cleaning up our food. Jodi and I also talk about the 2014 Organic Consumer Conference in Toronto tomorrow, we’ll be on the scene with a camera so watch out for that!

Finally, the entire round-table of myself, Stefan, Kevin and Kimberly give ourselves a moment to thank the rest of you for working with us to get us this far, we want to see change and thanks for coming along for the ride!

Building Capacity – Supporting Community – Following Controversy

Green Majority Media is a community enterprise that seeks to help the community and environment by working from within the system to create real change now. People and business aren’t the problem, corrupt governments and the amoral multinational corporations that have an incredible influence over them are. We’re holding up a flag of passive resistance by creating alternative networks and business alliances that benefit communities and the environment, instead of mining them for resources and moving on to the next victim. Don’t be a gear, be a lever.

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This Weeks Music! Care of: DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Hello again, Green Majority!

This week’s artist comes to you from Nova Scotia by way of Windsor and Detroit. Sounds confusing?   It makes its own sense, once you’ve sampled the compositions of Crissi Cochrane.

Making herself at home on stages from a young age, Cochrane released her first recordings as a high school senior. Initially making her mark with thoughtful indie-folk and pop compositions, Cochrane’s muse has taken her deeper into the realm of traditional jazz and blues. Evoking the low-key tracks in Janelle Monae’s catalogue with the heart of the best our East Coast scene has to offer (Matt Andersen comes to mind quickly, if only for the subtle playful tones beneath the lyrical lines), her latest disc Little Sway is a soulful ray of light in a wet, gloomy winter.

Sip on the sonic sunshine of “And Still We Move” and “Sleep In The Wild” and swing by Crissi Cochrane’s official site for more.



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