Green Majority Radio #391 – Not Worth The Risk

Not Worth The Risk
Not Worth The Risk

The main feature this week is the decision of the NEB (National Energy Board) to approve the reversal of the Line 9 pipeline, despite a massive organized and motivated coalition of the public against it. There are many risks to the approval to reverse the flow of the existing pipeline, but foremost among the complaints of the opposition has been the blatant attempts to block public involvement in the process despite a laundry list of public health concerns and a non-existent environmental assessment process. The Green Majority team was one of the endorsers of the brief that was complied with the help of experts and citizens, outlining in detail many of the wide ranging issues with the project, as well as denouncing the manner in which the decision has been considered and ultimately made. For more information you can view the brief yourself here. As well the coalition issued a press release about Thursday’s approval announcement which can be seen here.

You can also watch the press conference that was given the day after the announcement by members of the coalition on our YouTube page here as well as watching it below.

Buycott App
Inform yourself!

The interview at the top of the show was with Ivan Pardo, lead designer of a popular app that allows consumers to use their smartphones to find out detailed information about the products they might want to buy, far beyond the information presented by the company on the label itself. The illusion of choice in the market place where only a few companies control vast areas of market share, using hundreds of sub-brands. Many of these companies also use their considerable influence and wealth to participate in a variety of activities that the public has problems with, but due to a lack of information and the web-like networks of brands and sub-brands make it difficult for even an informed consumer to vote with their dollars for companies that suit their personal issues and concerns. Buycott itself does not tell you what brands to buy or not, but rather allows its users to make and sign up for campaigns where you can sign up with lists of companies that have an influence on issues the individual users cares about, and then immediately tags potential purchases as either safe or not with consideration to the chosen campaigns.

We are using the app and love it! Please check out Buycott’s website here where you can also download the app. If you are a iPhone user you can go here, and android users can go here.

Finally, we wrap up the show with a quick discussion on Ontario farming, per our membership decision this period to talk about agriculture!

Our First Open House!

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