Green Majority Radio #393 – Seriously Sick Seas


This weeks theme is UN World Water Day which is on March 22. Alanna Mitchell, our first guest is an award-winning Canadian journalist and the author of the international best seller Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis. She joins us today as our first guest to talk about the process of learning about the issues surrounding her book as well as global attitudes about science and technology. We wrap up her segment of the interview by talking about her solo performance interpretation of Sea Sick, on right now in Toronto until March 23rd in Toronto. If you would like tickets or more information you can learn about it click here.

Robert SandfordOur second guest is Robert (Bob) Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative, which works with the United Nations “Water for Life” Decade initiative. Bob Sandford will be one of the opening speakers at this years Water Docs Film Festival in Toronto, which is hosting a variety of great films and speakers over this weekend.

Bob speaks about water and it’s relationship to climate change, water shortages as an upcoming major geopolitical issue, and how to talk about water issues as a matter of important public policy for Canadians. We also start the interview by talking about global bodies such as the United Nations and their role in national and international public policy.

water docsAfter the second break, Kevin Farmer and I talk about a couple of news stories including an excellent article by Andrew Nikiforuk from which talks about the even further millions of dollars of cuts the federal government is making to Environment Canada. We also discussed my opinions on a Metro article about a misleading Toronto coffee shop that actually funds climate denial, and particularly my opinions about the way in which the mainstream media covers these issues. Finally Kevin gives us some of his thoughts this week to wrap up the show on the news in general.

We also made a few announcements/reminders about upcoming events if your in Toronto:

March 30, 2014 from 4pm to 6pm @ Center for Social Innovation (Annex) 720 Bathurst Street (one block from Bathurst subway station) Meeting Room #1 (2nd Floor) 

Green Majority Media will be hosting a PWYC (pay-what-you-can but NO-ONE will be turned away as long as your registered) media training workshop open to anyone in the environmental community who would like to either work on their ‘pitch’ or work in a group setting on how to talk to the media to ensure that you:

  1. Increase the odds that you ‘make the cut’ to the final product when interviewed
  2. Prevent being misunderstood, misrepresented or otherwise framed in a light that you didn’t intend
  3. Control your message to improve effectiveness
  4. Anticipate the unexpected (How to react to questions you didn’t expect so that you never look unprepared or un-knowledgeable)

If you would like to attend please sign-up (there will be limited seating) with Eventbrite here:

April 5, 2014 from 1pm to 3pm @ Toronto Tool Library

Transition Toronto Presents: Energy Efficiency in your home!

Our First Open House!

Green Majority Media is a community enterprise that seeks to help the community and environment by working from within the system to create real change now. We’re holding up a flag of passive resistance by creating alternative networks and business alliances that benefit communities and the environment, instead of mining them for resources and moving on to the next victim. We have a strategic plan to empower the movement as well as continue our mission to bring an independent media voice to Canada dedicated to environmental issues and values.

We exist to serve three basic needs to move these goals forward. To find out more how we plan to meet them, click here!

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