COGC’14 – Part 3: Dihan Chandra and (video)

February 22nd, 2014 Stefan Hostetter and Alex Knight attended the Canadian Organic Growers Conference with Green Majority Media and had the opportunity to speak with a whole host of great people and collected some fantastic interviews. This is the next installment in a short series of interviews we conducted. In this episode, we speak with Dihan Chandra from

Dihan Chandra is the founder of Organic Lifestyle, which promotes and sells organic products for your home. From his website:

I became very conscious of the many different chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Ask yourself – how many long term studies have been done measuring these effects? Scientific studies can only look to isolate and prove that a single variable caused these effects such as Bisphenol-A. So how can we measure this impact of a single variable when we live in homes with closed air circulation and constantly re-introducing chemicals and off-gassing VOCs in the form of stains, glues from carpet and paints and cleaning products on a weekly basis? more…

If you missed the first episode with Ingrid Cryns (of Soma Earth) and Sue Bowe McKee (of Leadership Unleashed) where we discuss their thoughts on what people can do to make themselves individually more sustainable, the definition and benefits of organic building and the transition town movement click here.

If you missed the second episode with Woody Tasch, Keynote speaker of the conference as well as the Founder and Chairman of Slow Money, you can click here.

To view all our video content, as well as subscribe so you never miss any of the video action you can visit our YouTube channel.

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