Should Ontario Greens Give Up and Join The Liberals?

Beyond Green Podcast – Fight Club Edition



It started with an innocent Facebook post by a friend of the show, should the Ontario Green Party join with the Ontario Liberal Party? However, it quickly devolved into an epic public battle between the two main hosts of the Green Majority: Stefan Hostetter and Daryn Caister. The glove had been thrown down, and there was only one way to settle it. Beyond Green Podcast – Fight Club Edition.

The Beyond Green Podcast is a show that is not (and probably could not) be aired on the radio. It is a brutal, honest and occasionally rude discussion between various guests. To make matters worse, the show is also the return of the fictional character featured in several of the Green Society Campaign’s videos ‘Guy Riel’ who is a rude joke conservative commentator in the theme of Steven Colbert from the Colbert Report, only Canadian.

This podcast is a passionate discussion that gets into some the the difficult questions of how best to promote the environment within Ontario politics, and is full of bad language, occasional yelling, and brimming with laughs. Listener discretion is advised


To prevent this podcast from being fed into our Green Majority iTunes stream, we are unable to post it here (as it automatically pulls any audio posted on the site) but we have posted a couple of the best ‘Guy Riel’ videos below so you know what to expect. If you’re ready and think you can handle it, click here to listen to the podcast via the Green Society Campaign website.

The Disturbing Trend of Environmentalist Revolutionaries

2 thoughts on “Should Ontario Greens Give Up and Join The Liberals?

  1. Thanks for your comments Joe, it’s a sticky situation either way. What did you think of my suggestion they (or anyone really) push for the rabbit initiative for more democratic voting (ranked ballot initiative) that I mentioned?

  2. Great topic, I was, and still am in favor of a coalition between the LIBS and NDP. I admit I have been forced provincially to vote for either party and abandon the Greens for lack of support. I also support the protest vote and understand it however in our times today in light of vote shaping tactics from our Dictator General what choice do we have? seriously! I have asked pretty boy Trudeau about his opinion on nuclear power in Ontario, he dodged all over it on twitter and would not admit that we have the clean power sitting idle here, Quebec is ready and willing to ship in clean energy at a fraction of nuke cost and our western neighbour willing to ship in green energy at a huge savings. The NDP have yet to answer my many requests for their stance on this issue however they claim to be against nuclear on their website. So where do you win? my opinion is you can’t so yes I would like to see the greens join one of them, preferably the liberals so the green POV is put forward in a governing situation.

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