Green Majority Radio #395 – Don’t Say ‘Earth’

Macdonald CROPOur main guest today is Senior Lecturer Douglas Macdonald (left) with the Centre for the Environment at the University of Toronto. Professor Macdonald helps us explore what it’s like to be a young environmental student in 2014. Douglas also talks about an extensive report produced by the University of Toronto on the both opportunities and responsibility that lies with the Canadian provinces when it comes to climate change.

You can view the report here. 

Half way through the show, we are joined by Kris Stevens, Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. Kris talks to us about industry trends in Ontario as well as attitudes towards the energy sector at both the political and social level. OSEA is co-hosting of the All-Energy Conference 2014 happening April 9-10 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the renewable energy sector in Ontario and learn how we can create a clean energy revolution with some of the top companies that are making it happen.

As a special offer to students, it is possible to contact the OSEA office at 416-977-4441 ext 1 and talk to Lori to receive 2 for 1 entrance.

Finally Douglas joins Stefan, Kevin and myself to discuss the idea of ‘environmental marketing’ inspired by this Grist article: Want everyone else to buy into environmentalism? Never say  “Earth” 


Listen now to this weeks show from the player above, or right-click (save link as…) here to download: Don’t say ‘Earth’

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This was Amber’s last week for a while producing music for us (for a while at least) she is very busy with her own work for a while and we wish her the best! Thanks so much for all your contributions, and you will be missed. Big shout-out to Open Till Midnight!

Greetings, Green Majority!  

I love Spring. It’s the promise of new beginnings, the blessing of Cadbury Creme Eggs and the lead-in for the music festival season. Like with many beginnings, this one comes with an ending: this will be my last regular appearance, providing music for The Green Majority.

Being as I’m feeling wistful and nostalgic as I step back into the shadows, at least for a while, I thought I’d leave you all with a few tracks from a magical year in my musical history: 1995, aka The Year Empire Records was released. My favourite movie of all time, it has everything I could ever need in one package: a dream world to slip inside (a music store); snarky humor; Ethan Embry and Rory Cochrane (aside: Ethan Embry follows me on Twitter and I am giddy about it); and. oh yes, so much music they probably couldn’t fit it on a double-CD compilation.

A movie about misfits finding their own way, defining the world on their own terms and challenging The Man, you could say it’s an influence, right down to the fact my music blog hat tips the film in its moniker (Empire Records, Open ‘Til Midnight). It led me deeper into alternative rock and grunge, and reminded me of the powerful women out there like Kristen Hersh. 1995 created the indie-loving music maven that exists today.

Without further ado, two gems of 1995 I cherish forever:

‘Ol 55 – Sarah McLachlan: Love Sarah, hate Sarah, you have to give her credit for one of the coolest   recording stories of any song ever. A track on her demos/rarities project The Freedom Sessions, this Tom Waits cover was unrehearsed and unplanned. After what Sarah describes as “an immeasureable quantity of red wine”, Sarah and companions decided to record a song because hey, why not? While some knew the tune, others did not and were mouthing chord changes to each other during the take. Consider this my well wishes, soaked in Cabernet Merlot.

Sugarhigh – Coyote Shivers: I’d be remiss not to include one of the most memorable tracks from Empire, courtesy of Hamilton/Toronto artist Coyote Shivers. A man who’s spent some time touring with KISS and is often associated with the scene that gave us the Teenage Kicks, Shivers both stars in   and provides this track to the film’s climax. It’s a little bit naughty, a little bit wild and Iggy Pop-ish, and just a fun tune to crank when you need to dance like a fool.

Still crave more music from the local scene? Bookmark or come poke at me on Twitter @emptysthemepark.



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