Urgent Call For CIUT – Our Future Is In Your Hands!

We have been volunteers with CIUT producing our radio show since 2006, and a couple times a year we ask some of our listeners to support the station on behalf of the show during a membership drive to fund operations. This year however, is different.

Some of you may have heard that CIUT’s transmitter finally failed after 27 years of service. The transmitter is the lifeline of our community radio station and not just an important resource for Canadian environmental journalism but for Canadian democracy in general. CIUT has acquired a temporary solution to get us through the next show while, but it will not last without raising $160,000 for a new transmitter. This new transmitter will not only solve the immediate problem but the newer technology will propel CIUT into the future as a flag-bearer for community media, journalism and democracy in Toronto, Ontario and across the country through syndicated programs like ours.

We literally could not do our show without them

Tomorrow, April 11th is our semi-annual fundraising show, but this one is critical to the continued existence of the Green Majority radio show and the station entirely. We rarely put any pressure on our listeners to do any more than sit back and enjoy our content. This time we need you guys to come through for us and show the station you appreciate our hard (unpaid) work. Each fundraiser we are expected to get 10 new CIUT members to pledge $25, this not only supports the show but also enters you into some awesome prize draws and gets you access to be on the exclusive list of insiders within CIUT who can participate directly with the stations operations. This time around, due to the urgency of the situation, we are expected to gain 20. Please consider a donation to help keep this most important Toronto and Canadian icon of community media alive.

For a personal note from the station manager Ken Stowar with more details about our URGENT need click here.

We need YOU to show your support for your community voice during the SOUND OF YOUR CITY membership drive

Please call in tomorrow between 11am and noon at 416.946.7800

or 1.888.204.8976 during the show and give your pledge.

You can also log in here with the secure server and make your pledge before, during or after the show if you don’t see this in time.


If you donate online please make sure to list the Green Majority as your favorite show.

contact us header

Thank you in advance for your generosity 

Stefan, Daryn and Kevin

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